7 ways to use 3D Laser Scanning

3d laser point cloud scanning equipment

3D laser scanning is a piece of cutting-edge technology that has multiple uses and benefits for building and construction projects. In this article we’re going to investigate those uses in more detail, talk about the services we offer and explore how 3D laser scanning could revolutionise your project.

Use existing 2D drawings, sections and elevations alongside 3D BIM models to start the design stage

Rich, complete data capture provides detailed information on existing building conditions that is necessary for designing and planning. This accurate, precise information enables your team to start work ASAP, and to foresee any potential problems before they occur.

Data and plans can be shared easily and securely online, so that everyone on the team is equipped with the necessary information/documents.

Alternatively, create a point cloud that can easily be converted
to 2D drawings or 3D models

Millions of 3D points can be captures, unified and delivered directly to the client. This data can be converted easily into 2D drawings or 3D models, creating an accurate visual representation of even the most complex buildings and sites.

The models can be presented to both the team and clients easily, making communications much simpler

As-built surveys to develop project designs and working

 As well as being used to create plans for proposed buildings, 3D laser scanning is also ideal for surveying existing buildings due to its high level of detail and accuracy. This is called Scan-to-BIM and is the method of choice for most surveyors today.

Unlike traditional blueprints, 3D models are works in progress that can easily be updated with any changes or modifications throughout the process. This enables you to review these changes before they’re built to ensure that they comply with the proposed site plan.

Different formats such as Revit, CAD and PDF drawings can be used according to your needs.

Use existing as-built drawings for planning, design and
construction purposes

3D laser scanning produces detailed, accurate plans that are far more accurate than blueprints, which are made before a building is constructed and often don’t match what was actually built.

This cutting-edge technology can alleviate potential inconveniences in the future by providing a digital plan that can be referred to and updated easily.

Check quantities for more accurate estimates during the bidding

3D laser scanning is also useful for tender construction works as it helps to simplify the bidding process, which can be rather complex with a number of different companies providing quotes for materials and services.

The accuracy of the 3D models enables these companies to make accurate estimations, and with its precise measurements, it is reliable to price-check contractors.

By using highly accurate measurements from the start, you will receive realistic, competitive prices and avoid spending more on unnecessary material.

Verify that the physical building matches the proposed

3D laser scanning can tag locations, which were shared across the site for easy detection and communication with the team. BIM models also make the project easier to understand for clients, who can view a model containing all data inside instead of trying to understand lots of complex 2D drawings.

It can also be used to compare the performance of a building throughout its lifetime and to act as a record of any changes and alterations.

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Post-construction scans for efficient building management

3D laser scanning can quickly and easily determine whether the proposal design matches the building itself. It allows you to decide whether you are ready to proceed or if more changes need to be made, and reduces the potential for any future errors in design.

One key advantage of 3D laser scanning technology is that it can accurately measure the elevation of the entire floor in order to prevent maintenance problems later on.

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