Why is 360 Degree Imagery used and useful for you?

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At Red Laser Scanning, we allow full service and use of our 3D Laser Scanning technology. As well as creating 2D Drawings and 3D BIMS, we give you the option to have a virtual tour of the site by using our 360-degree imagery linked with Point Cloud. Today, we are discussing the use of this feature and the advantages and benefits it has to all parties involved in the project.

What is 360 Degree feature?

360-degree imagery records the surroundings of the site into imagery, where you can explore and distinguish what the site looks like virtually. Before, we only relied on still photos to determine how the area looks. Now, with advanced technology and quality services, you can get a virtual reality tour solution for your business or property.

How is it done?

When your scan is scheduled, we establish with the client if the site is camera ready and if there is full access to catch all imagery. The scan usually takes 1 – 2 hours. Each room is scanned to ensure complete coverage and capture of space, allowing the viewers a full tour that contains no missing areas. This 360-imagery is available as soon as the property is scanned within 24 hours.

The Software and Process

Once your site is scanned, you can view the data through point cloud; a set of data points in space produced by 3D Scanners. Point clouds are used for many purposes and intentions, such as creating 3D meshes, manufacturing, 3D modelling, but in this case, various virtual reality applications. Specifically, we use the point clouds and apply it to Autodesk Recap Software to produce the 360-degree imagery and allow a virtual tour of the construction site. It is efficient and allows easy access to view the point clouds, applying any missing information or dimension from the site such as sprinklers etc. This software also allows simple navigation and only requires a few clicks to create, access and view the data.

What are the benefits?

360-degree TrueView imagery gives many benefits to all parties involved in the project. First, it allows you to view, analyse and extract all data from the site or space scanned remotely. If time is limited or it’s difficult to visit the place physically, this is an excellent solution to save time and reduce any travel expenses. The 360-degree imagery shows a working progress assessment without having to visit the site, giving a complete tour around the scanned premises.

Red Laser Scanning provides this service as it gives our clients assurance of not requiring any further site visits after the completion of the 3d Scanning Survey. We believe that more data is always better, and having 360-degree TrueView imagery linked to the point cloud allows many benefits and solutions. If you’d like to find out more information on our 360 Degree TrueView Imagery service, visit and get a quote online now!

About Red Laser Scanning

Red Laser Scanning specialises in 3D Laser Scanning services for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors all across UK. Our experienced team is here to deliver a quality service which is quick, efficient and reliable for your project needs.

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