Discover how we present designs to client with the top 5 most popular methods.


It’s always important to present interior design ideas with clarity and precision. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consider some of the best modern ways to convey your concepts to clients! Here at Red Laser Scanning, we are experts in visual representation. We understand only too well that a great design is the first step to achieving project success!

If you’re struggling to think of ways to present ideas to your clients, don’t worry. We’re here to explore some of the best ways to bring interior design ideas to life, and what’s more, we’ll show you the benefits of all the modern technology at your fingertips. Let’s take a closer look at what’s out there, and how you could benefit from differing approaches. From pen and paper to 3D laser scanning services, there are plenty of options.

Mood Boards

Mood boards are reliable, familiar, and easy to comprehend. They are popularly used in interior design presentation because they can map out where an idea starts, travels and ends. It is also referred to as a collage approach because it allows you to map several ideas out in one place. Many people use mood boards because it is efficient and flexible, too.

Some of the ideas you could explore through a mood board include colours, materials and furniture you could bring into a home. Mood boards are ideal for ad hoc presentations as a result of their ease of use. You can even set up digital mood boards, which are great for ease of collaboration. Many architects use mood board technology so they can see where a project is travelling with ease.

Hand Sketches

There is perhaps no older standard for presentation than the hand sketch! Hand sketching is popular with architects and designers because it allows them to plan ideas in detail. You may also include traditional blueprints in the same category, as they allow the reader to see what’s going on through a detailed outline.

Hand sketching is often very impressive because it requires a lot of skill and attention to detail.  However, this form of presentation is less popular in the modern age as a result of the rise of 3D rendering. Many designers and project managers, however, use hand-sketched project proposals and 3D design hand-in-hand. This type of presentation takes a very skilled hand and an expert in project drafting!


CGI, or computer-generated imagery, has become a popular standard. Taking notes from hand sketching, this fantastic presentation option allows you to build a perfect picture of an end project, therefore giving greater confidence. Many people choose to develop photo-realistic imaging for marketing purposes, too.

Many people choose CGI for presentations because it is so accurate and less time-consuming than drawing blueprints. It’s a great way to give confidence and to inspire a project team, as well as to drive down costs.  CGI presentations are very affordable and are cost-efficient in the long-term.

You also won’t need to have a large team to set up CGI presentations, because it is easy for one or two designers to handle on their own. There is not as much time or effort put into the presentation process, which gives you more time to tweak and modify the designs at hand.

You’ll also be able to adjust and customise your presentation and design a lot, so your clients and end users can reach a design consensus sooner rather than later.

Augmented Reality Model

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a fantastic technological standard which allows us to bring designs into the real world. Project designers can create visualisations so that they directly place into a room or space. This allows us to see how a finished project could look in full 3D.  It is the next step up from CGI because we are actually able to ‘step into’ designs!

Augmented Reality is a revolutionary concept because it takes basic ideas off the page. It layers CGI into reality so that we can see and engage with our ideas before we start manufacturing and installing. It is the perfect way to take clients and end users on a design journey, with visualisation clear and obvious to see and experience. You can develop a 360-degree design space so that your clients can walk through the blueprints!

Augmented Reality is also available in a range of structures so that you can develop unique plans and imagery in a creative, interactive way. It is a further step up from blueprints, because you can now actually walk through and experience your designs.

Other 3D Renderings

While AR may still be in the pipeline for mainstream presentations, 3D renderings are leading the way for effective, concise project design delivery.  Setting up a 3D render is the preferred option for many project managers because it is remarkably efficient and extremely detailed. These plans and renders are also easy to modify and manipulate. It offers less room for mistakes in the long run because you can easily plan for all physical variables in a 3D space.

3D visualisation using leading design software is perfect for bespoke projects. Designers can create beautiful, visual renders so that clients get a perfect vision of how things will look once installations are in place.

Why Choose Red Laser Scanning?

For perfect project presentations, you need help from leading experts and leading technology. Red Laser Scanning provides hassle-free, efficient 3D laser scanning of interior spaces for rendering and presentation. We are leaders in what we do not only thanks to our expertise and leading tools but because we believe in quality care and precision throughout our whole process.

If you need help setting up a 3D render or need to scan accurate data for project presentations, why not contact our experienced team today? Let us help you produce accurate design concepts so you and your clients can rest easily along the way.

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