Current technology and its application to many industries is something which we are very fortunate to use and have for the growth of projects and jobs. Focusing on interior design, the progression has been immense and now is highly considered within the design, architecture and construction business. The power of 3d Visualisation and representation is what allows clients to proceed with concepts and products within the space confidently. Red Laser scanning provides you with a list of software to use to benefit your project and make that transition from ideas to visualising.


picture of 3d visualisation of kitchen

Сreds: Sketchup

Sketchup is a 3D modelling program for a range of drawing applications in interior design, architecture and engineering. It includes drawing layout functionality and surface rending, driving your 3d Visualisation forward. You can create an amazingly accurate interior to demonstrate to your clients and communicate your ideas. Perfect for discussing what you believe is working and what could be altered or modified, where changes can be applied then and there. Also, many 3D models are introduced and ready to be added within the program, such as light fixtures, furniture and materials of items.


Known by many from different industries and uses, Photoshop is also software which can be used for 3D Visualisation efficiently and swiftly. Red Laser scanning suggests to start with a 3D model created on SketchUp and proceed with adding all the elements to create your interior space. Lighting fixtures, accessories, furniture, textures, you name it all. The use of photoshop can be constructive for you to experiment, visualise and let creativity runs its course.

picture of photoshop software house floor 3d visualisation

Creds: Pinterest

Planner 5D

picture of planner 5d software use for house floor 3d visualisation

Creds: Planner 5d

Less focusing on the photorealism and more utility for advanced modelling and rendering software, Planner 5D contrary to the name, is another 3D Visualisation software which allows interior designers to develop the imagery of the design and provides all the necessary tools to make it happen. The software will enable you to create professional elevations and diagrams in order to communicate with the clients and those involved in the project. If you’re a beginner and initiating with 3D design software, this is the ideal start to commence your design project.

Autodesk Software

A highly valuable software which will become a beneficial skill to you, this fantastic 3D Design Software contains solid features and high range tools for you to create the interior design space in its best representation. Autodesk is more directed to the experienced as it’d be quite complicated to learn initially, however once used and understood, it is essential software for the progression in projects and concept planning.

picture of room visualisation in 3d

Creds: Go applied


Interior designers are very familiar with this 3D visualisation software which is specifically tailored for them. Roomsketcher makes it simple to construct the space for you, including floor planning, interior elevations, apply fittings and accessories and genuinely creates a full 3D Visual realisation of the area. It is an easy source of communication between you and the clients, where they can obtain their future space digitally through a screen, and envision it in the present.

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