Why should construction companie suse 3D laser scanning services?

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Laser Scanning in Construction

No matter the project, constructors and contractors rely on absolute precision. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 3D laser scanning has started becoming very popular across the industry.  Construction companies have, in fact, been using the technology since the 1990s! The concept of a laser scanning survey has been around even longer, but it has only been in recent decades that engineering and construction have started using it for their own ends. In this brief guide, Red Laser Scanning will show you how beneficial the technology can be to construction companies.

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3D laser scanning has grown in popularity in construction because it is a genuine asset to planning and co-ordination. Laser scanning allows teams to share data freely, too, which means that anyone involved in a construction project can work remotely to transmit information.

A laser scan can also be very flexible! It can take place across the whole of a construction project and reduce the need for changes to orders. It’s also ideal for maintaining accurate records, which are of course crucial for owners and project managers. These records will come in handy if further renovations are needed or if extensions are greenlit.

Red Laser Scanning’s services cover as-built drawings, BIM models and more.

When is Laser Scanning Useful?

Laser scanning surveys are ideal for construction projects which are just getting off the ground because they can actively support the BIM process. We encourage you to learn more about many examples of our projects. We believe showcasing case studies and videos of the project in question helps our clients understand why it is useful. What’s more, scanning is always beneficial when there is a need for component control. For example, a survey can take into account piping, structural metal and more besides. All data is captured accurately and dated for future reference. This helps to verify installation standards and can also help when future projects are set to take place.

3D laser scanning also works as a superb alternative to physical drawings during renovation. Scanning helps to keep records up to date and accurate, which will of course help to make renovation overall easier to manage.

Red Laser Scanning uses Faro technology for measured survey control. This standard allows us to take accurate snapshots of current project conditions for future reference.

What Are the Overall Benefits of Laser Scanning in Construction?

  • 3D laser scanning improves and enhances collaboration. There is never any need for all project workers to be on site when data can be freely shared.
  • Laser scanning allows for incredible accuracy. This means that there is lower risk, less overhead costs, and less chance of mistakes being made during construction.
  • There is also money saved in terms of labour! With scanning surveys, the need to physically assess projects and drawings reduce. This means fewer people on-site, as well as there being higher accuracy with scan data.
  • Overall, laser scanning helps construction teams to communicate together clearer thanks to the incredible accuracy involved. There is little to no room for error – meaning that even a small build construction project could benefit.

Our Services

Red Laser Scanning is a leading name in scanning services for construction companies. We support efficient, comprehensive scanning surveys at short notice, and we may even be able to offer you advice and guidance as quickly as the next working day! Take a look at our competitive prices or call our team for more information at your convenience. Trust a friendly, professional and experienced team who will deliver you the accuracy your construction project deserves!

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