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When it comes to greater accuracy in architectural design and construction, 3D laser scanning has been leading the way for some time. Laser scan to Revit services are preferred by many professionals because it can not only save time and effort when it comes to drawing up plans but can also enhance the look and feel of a project.

A raw laser scanning survey, in itself, can be fantastic as it can process architectural and structural systems with greater accuracy. However, using a Revit system, architects and designers can develop even more accurate projects and plans. In this brief guide, we will look at some of the further benefits of laser scanning and using data with Revit.

Impact on Design

Designers who are already working in 3D will find scan to Revit very easy, and undoubtedly beneficial. They will be able to use the same standards and formatting so that they can easily derive scan data from surveying. Revit is of massive benefit to designers as it means that they can probe deeper into architectural planning with greater detail. There are plenty of tools which engineers and construction specialists can use to plan for perfect projects.

What’s more, Laser scan to Revit can also help designers decide which key features and elements will be the most advantageous to the overall end product. They can go into as much or as little detail as they like or require. It is all about analysing simulations so that final designs can be honed and perfected.

Greater Accuracy, More Precision

picture of laser scan point cloud to revit plan model on and off example

Revit models are easy to analyse using a variety of software, and users can employ a ‘point cloud’ system to compare and contrast changes, or anything which might clash along the way. This process is also very useful when it comes to honing final designs and end products. That’s because any adjustments can be made very early on, which will of course lead to more accurate results for designers, clients and architects to analyse. Ultimately, scan to Revit allows for zero mistakes. Years of construction planning will have fallen down thanks to problems arising in drafting and blueprinting. That, thankfully, may now be a thing of the past.

The Point Cloud

Scan to Revit users make use of a point cloud once laser scanning is complete.  The ‘cloud’ is an image, or a product of data which has been scanned across the whole of a site. For a comprehensive overview of what to expect from a project, a point cloud is naturally going to be invaluable. It’s a great cost and time-saver, as it means that there is never any further need for you to go hunting for extra details or information along the way. All the data you need is right here in the cloud – it’s a centralised hub.

3D Imagery Results

Scan to Revit will also produce 3D imagery. High resolution images are delivered at the end of the scanning process, which will deliver immense accuracy and clarity to the end user. This is highly beneficial to those who are handling the final product, as well as those who are working to adapt elevations and projects along the way. Various viewers will also let you access and analyse data from a variety of angles, giving you a complete 360-degree sweep.  Visualising your data in full architectural 3D is a great way to ascertain how a project will look when it is up and running.

picture of laser scan to revit house floor plan visualisation

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