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Measured Building Survey

In order to produce and provide products for our clients, our team undertakes measured building surveys using our 3D Laser Scanner the FARO X 130.  We would consider this to be the primary stage in 3D Laser Scanning as it will collect all information and data when the surveyor is present on-site scanning the interior and exterior of the building. This simple piece of technology will not only save you time and money, but it will also guarantee accurate measurements to produce your plans.

Point Cloud

When our experienced team visits your site and collects all data from our technology, the registered information is imported into our software to produce a single point cloud file which is easily accessible and extractable. Having this simple file of entirely accurate and precise information of the measured building will give you the freedom to create different formats and variations of plans and 3D models depending on the software you use, for example, Autodesk Recap.

As-built 2D Drawings

2D elevations and drawings are created for many construction and architectural projects as they are tangible data which you can be confident to use due to its precision and validity. The difference between as-built drawings and blueprints, for example, is the higher risk of mistake and unreliability from a blueprint. Need a better understanding of blueprint and as-built drawings? Read our blog post for the beneficial uses and comparison of the two plans. Why use 3D technology to produce 2D plans? The distribution within those working on the project, whether it’d be an architect, planner or private client, will allow them to have visual information which is trusted and can be worked on. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

At Red Laser scanning, we offer Scan-to-BIM service to allow building design professionals to visually see the design in 3D and virtually test and build the fundament before proceeding the construction phase. If you are not an architect or designer or have the limitation to comprehend measurements on a plan, BIM can be a considerable advantage and significantly easier to understand and visualise all the contents inside the model. Our services allow many formats for many clients working on the project, so nothing is missing when completing a successful project.

360 Degree Trueview Imagery and Virtual flythroughs

We don’t only stop there. Our services also include a virtual tour and 360-degree imagery of the site, which was scanned — having difficulties in visiting the construction site? Cannot manage the expenses of the visit or just do not have the time? This incredible component allows you to view the progression of your business site or property, digitally by one single file. Our experienced team believe it is an excellent solution to saving time and reducing travel costs. More information can be accessed in our 360-degree true view imagery blog post. 

Let Red Laser Scanning assist your residential or commercial project today with our range of exceptional service and reliable team. We are here to provide and produce successful construction projects for everyone in London and across the UK. Contact us now and get a free competitive quote immediately!

About Red Laser Scanning

Red Laser Scanning specialises in 3D Laser Scanning services for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors all across UK. Our experienced team is here to deliver a quality service which is quick, efficient and reliable for your project needs.

Case Studies
Red Laser Scanning, a laser scanner survey was commissioned to meticulously document the students' accommodation within this historic edifice, producing architectural CAD drawings at a scale of 1:50
Measured Building Survey of The Iconic Trinity College Clock Building in Cambridge
By combining the detailed drawings at a scale of 1:20 with High-Resolution Orthophotos, we achieved an accurate representation of the exposed stonework, textured with a rectified photo collage.
Measured Building Survey for Restoration of the Paradise Court, University of Chichester
Our measured building survey company completes measured building survey service for river view apartments for architectural elevations in London.
Measured building survey to produce Architectural elevations for re-cladding purposes