Why you should use our 3D Laser Scanning services?


At Red Laser Scanning, we deliver a complete 3D Laser Scanning service including 3D Point Cloud, as-built 2D Drawings and plans, BIM Models, 360-degree imagery and virtual flythrough. Why do we emphasise the range of services we deliver? It’s all done under one roof and communication is clear, avoiding any confusion or inaccurate results when exchanging as-built 2D AutoCAD plans and working with Point Cloud. Here are a few reasons why you should trust Red Laser Scanning to complete your measured build survey and drawings over another 3D Laser Scanning company.

Location is not a problem!

Worried about being too far and therefore not attempting or trying to contact us? Don’t be! Our experienced team will do your measured building survey wherever you are based.

Red Laser Scanning now has offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. We are delivering 3D Laser Scanning services across the UK to produce precise and accurate drawings for every residential or commercial space and project.

High-quality equipment

Our 3D Laser Scanning team is exceptionally knowledgeable and has many years of experience working with highly recognisable brand FARO 3D technology. We have used FARO x130 with a range between 0.6 to 130m with a maximum accuracy error of +-2mm. Currently, we have introduced the FARO FocusS 70, delivering industrial-grade performance and high-class accuracy. At Red Laser Scanning, we make sure to work with well-trusted brands to provide the most detailed and accurate as-built drawings for your architectural or construction project. Our surveyors will answer any queries or question you may have using their years of experience and thorough understating of the equipment.

Consistently accurate and precise

Red Laser Scanning has produced  2D as-built Drawings and 3D BIM Models to a great variety of architects, designers, developers, engineering and construction companies and private clients. You are guaranteed to receive incredible accuracy across a range of exports and software. Because we are also a business, we value and understand the importance of precision and accuracy, especially within a commercial sector to finalise the ideal site and project. Trust our measured build surveyors to scan your building site and deliver quality results in any format you request! Receive prompt and efficient 3d laser scanning services which are of high-quality and never rushed!

Full support along the way!

Our experienced team are in hand to answer any queries you may have and are here to guide you in every step of the way. At Red Laser Scanning, we are passionate in what we do and that is why our full attention will be on the architectural or construction project we are working on. Our 3D Laser Scanning service will provide you with instant answers and a speedy project and survey delivery as soon as the next day!

Competitive prices

Wonder how 3D Laser Scanning companies price your job? At Red Laser Scanning, we provide competitive quotes and prices that fit your measured build surveying needs and budget. Our laser scan services offer great value for money, along with a guaranteed quality job, saving you the hassle and worry. Visit our website and find more information on the packages we offer from Scan to Point Cloud, as well as Revit 3D BIM Models.

If you are still not convinced or require more information, you can contact us at 0207 477 2175 or get a quote online now!

About Red Laser Scanning

Red Laser Scanning specialises in 3D Laser Scanning services for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors all across UK. Our experienced team is here to deliver a quality service which is quick, efficient and reliable for your project needs.

Case Studies
Red Laser Scanning, a laser scanner survey was commissioned to meticulously document the students' accommodation within this historic edifice, producing architectural CAD drawings at a scale of 1:50
Measured Building Survey of The Iconic Trinity College Clock Building in Cambridge
By combining the detailed drawings at a scale of 1:20 with High-Resolution Orthophotos, we achieved an accurate representation of the exposed stonework, textured with a rectified photo collage.
Measured Building Survey for Restoration of the Paradise Court, University of Chichester
Our measured building survey company completes measured building survey service for river view apartments for architectural elevations in London.
Measured building survey to produce Architectural elevations for re-cladding purposes