Everything you need to know about as-built 2D Drawings and it’s cost


3D Laser Scanning services have become a significant and transformative fragment within the construction and architecture industry. And one key product and factor which is the cause of this is as-built 2D CAD Drawings and precise, error-free planning. When having a measured building survey, it’ll allow the recording of exact information from construction sites and architectural projects to translate it to an as-built plan during any stage of your project. As we discussed blueprints previously, it is not a reliable or accurate source when working in your building site. Red Laser Scanning will explain everything you need to know about as-built 2D Drawings and its costs in the long-term.

Why as-built 2D Drawings?

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Producing accurate and highly precise 2D Drawings and elevations are what we achieve at Red Laser Scanning. When completing a measured building survey, the client requests what format is required to distribute it within the team. You may find our packages here to have an insight into how many levels of information and resources you’ll like. Almost every time a client will approach us and request a Laser Scan Survey along with as-built 2D Drawings in DWG or Revit. Why? Because accurate information on existing building conditions is what is required when designing and planning for the success of your construction or architectural project.

Step-by-step you will be able to see and reflect all changes which are made during the progress of your construction process which is exceptionally vital to be able to have if anything is modified or needs to be reviewed. When producing your as-built 2D Drawings, it allows you to have detailed notes and clear descriptions on the scale of projects, sizing, location and more. Additionally, there are no limitations when they can be produced, as as-built 2D Drawings are the plans you require for the completion of your project, not the drawings that are first completed when diverging a plan.

The technology and benefits allowed from 3D Laser Scanning allow changes or errors to be noted immediately. Whether it is a major or a minuscule altercation and error, 3D Laser Scanning technology will not let it escape, and in result, creates a functional and credible as-built drawing for the client. This leads us on the value and how cost-effective building measured surveys, and as-built 2D Drawings are for the completion of your successful building project.

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How much will it cost?

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3D Laser Scanning allows for incredible accuracy, meaning that there is a lower risk of error, less overhead costs and less chance of mistakes being made during the construction process. Substantially, the costing varies and is determined due to the project scale, and the level of detail you’ll need. But with 3D Laser Scanning companies, it’ll allow you to have an accurate cost of what you should be paying as opposed to the risk of paying more in a time rate.

Our 3D Laser Scanning services will detect any errors or clashes on the Point Cloud and stop the technicians from proceeding and moving forward until these errors are corrected, guaranteeing accuracy to the utmost detail. Save more and avoid paying extra charges due to a fault in your plans and blueprints!

Why use our 3D Laser Scanning service?

Red Laser Scanning will produce the most detailed and precise as-built 2D Drawings and plans for you promptly and in the highest quality. Our experienced measured build surveyors have many years of experience to collect accurate information and deliver excellent elevations for the success of your architecture or construction project. Still not convinced on what our 3D Laser Scanning services can do? Visit our website and contact us now to get a quote online or more information on as-built 2D Drawings. Our competitive prices and guaranteed high-quality 2D plans will ease the progress of your project. You may also find our Instagram and Youtube page for our successful case studies and first-hand evidence on what we do!

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