Here are the Top Architectural Softwares that 3D Laser Scanning companies use


At Red Laser Scanning, we are familiar with the best software to use when delivering your 3D Laser Scanning services from measured building surveys to producing as-built 2D Drawings  and 3D BIM Models. Different software is used for diverse requirements or requests of format when assisting your architectural and construction project. With our experienced team, we are able to deliver a range of services to satisfy your needs. Find our top five architectural software’s which are used by many 3D Laser Scanning companies to create your planning and elevations.


Sketchup is a great software to start as it is a free software to use at home when entering 3D modelling. Additionally, many tutorials are offered and available with the software, which is easy to follow and a great guide to constructing intelligent solid geometry and building models. A free software which allows you to purchase different packages with additional tools for more complex features. This 3D modelling software can be used by architects, interior designers, landscape architecture and construction management, so make sure you take advantage.


Everyone here now is familiar with the software AutoCAD as we use this software for the majority of our deliverables such as 2D Drawings, 3D Models and many more. Its range of tools allows this architectural software to be one of the tops of the list as its unlimited features allow accuracy and precision to the maximum when creating your architectural and construction plans. The abbreviation of Computer Aided Design, AutoCAD will enable you to develop elevations and plans with the maximum accuracy and quality, making it impossible for you to finalise results which are incorrect and inaccurate from the measured building survey.


Revit is your software directed particularly to managing complex projects and creating Building Information Modelling, making it a software highly used by architectural studios and forms. A highly efficient architectural software with many coherent tools, it enables the modelling of a building as well as coordination of those involved in the project to cooperate on the same plan. Create extreme detailed floor plans and view 3D visualisations of the site in question using this architectural software.

3DS Max

Many use 3DS Max to create visuals intended for animation, media work and gaming; however, if creating an architectural visualisation which focuses on the product and design of the interior or exterior of a building site, this is an excellent tool for this. This software is excellent for realistic representations and visualisations, which is an advantage when promoting your architectural or design project within 3D Laser Scanning setting. This architectural software will be a powerful additional plugin for your foundation software, bringing the project to life.

Civil 3D

Civil 3D is an architectural software that should occur in combination with software such as AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Revit. Why is this architectural software worth mentioning then if needed as an extension for the primary tools? Its versatile approach is designed to deliver better civil groundwork and footing with BIM, helping you improve construction and design documentation and plans. Allow your planning and documentation to flourish with its advantage of supporting BIM workflows and developing infrastructure design with its useful architectural software tools.

If you need accurate plans when completing a measured building survey, Red Laser Scanning can assist you. We use high-quality and well-trusted architectural software to deliver many drawing formats which are required to drive your architectural and construction project to success. Get a quote online now and explore our price packages which best suits your specification.

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