Everything you need to know about drone surveys in 3D Laser Scanning

picture of flying surveying drone

What is a Drone Survey?

Everyone is familiar with the term drones, and what they do in this time and age, if you’re not, a drone is technically an unmanned aerial vehicle which captures images by flying. It can be remotely controlled and is now commonly used in many industries for intended purposes.

When using it in 3D Laser Scanning and assisting building sites with their projects, drone surveying is the procedure of a survey conducted above to create an aerial image and view. Red Laser Scanning’s leading drones can capture complete and accurate imagery to produce detailed plans and topographical surveys. Our measured building surveyors prove there are no limitations in getting your sites scans, as no matter the size or complexity; you’ll be able to use our drone survey services.

How can a drone survey service benefit your project?

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Our Drone survey services in London and the UK allow many advantageous points and elements to complete your construction or building project.

With its possibility of being remotely controlled and having difficulties in accessing the area, drones and UAV surveys will allow you to access any environment or sections of land. Nothing will be too complex or tricky with Red Laser Scanning as even the most inaccessible areas across the UK can be surveyed with our drone survey services. Besides, there is no disruption to your business or space as it is not required to close down if needing to scan a roof, for example. Continue to run and work as you wish while drone surveying occurs and doesn’t limit your options!

This leads us on nicely to our second advantage. Drone surveying is cost and time effective as it is a prompt and efficient service to solve any issues or complications when gathering access and planning. Avoid ladders and scaffolding with drone survey services, and spend less time accumulating additional equipment as it is not needed! The use of drones in surveying will speed up the procedure of your standard measured building survey and still provide the precise results you desire!

Drone surveying and topographical surveys are affordable when setting up and, with not needing additional items, you can proceed with an easy survey to your complicated project! Be sure to save money in the long run and receive undeniably accurate results!

Overall, our drone survey services will provide high-quality results efficiently, promptly and securely, leaving no doubt of its reliability. Delivering comprehensive surveys which is impossible or extremely difficult to receive from a traditional survey, there are many points and benefits to trust drone surveying and its services!

picture of flying drone during surveying

What type of deliverable can you achieve from drone surveying?

Were you convinced in using our London drone survey services? We know you would! That is why Red Laser Scanning can produce plans in a variety of different formats and deliverables to achieve the success of your project. Our drone surveying services allows flexibility and versatility to the demands of what software you’ll need. The files can include and are not limited to 3D Point Cloud, Contour lining in .pdf, .dxf and .shp, DSM models, 3D textured mesh and many more!

Make sure to contact us now about our drone surveying services and let us help you scan complicated areas of land for a speedy project delivery!

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