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topographical survey survice in london

Our range of 3D Laser Scanning services continues to grow as we are providing more measured building surveys, even in the areas which are more restricted or difficult to access to. Red Laser Scanning now undertakes topographical surveys across London using high-performing and quality technology, software and equipment to produce precise as-built 2D and 3D plans. What is a topographical survey and what is it used for? Here is all you need to know on topo surveying.

What is a topographical survey?

picture of topographical survey in progess using laser scanner

Comparing to a measured building survey, a topographical survey is the surveying of land and is required for a project with a larger scale and requirement of land development, its natural features and boundary details. The level of detail is extensive and can be decided how much precision is required for planning, according to the clients specification and needs.

The utilisation of topographical survey services allows clients to visualise and comprehend the variety of data of the existing area of land, as well as site levels in more detail. Topographical surveys, also known as Land surveying will include structures of buildings, ground and site levels, the positions of trees and surface area and boundary details. Receive your accurate and precise 2D Drawings and plans within 2-5 days depending on the complexity and size of the land.

Why consider a topographical survey?

If you are searching for meticulous as-built 2D AutoCAD and 3D Revit format plans, the results are guaranteed with a topographical survey. Developers, architects, engineers, construction companies and estate managers can all benefit from this 3D Laser Scanning service. If you require drawings for planning purposes with your new build project, re-positioning of boundaries or drainage works, Red Laser Scanning will offer high-quality results as efficiently and quickly as possible. It is critical to have plans when mapping an area in preparation for alterations or improvements.

Trust us with your project!

If this 3D Laser Scanning service fits your project requirements and you believe it will benefit you, enquire and get a quote online from Red Laser Scanning for a competitive price and undeniable, high-quality results. Our topographical surveying services are highly recommended and will provide everything you need to assist you with your project. Our surveyors will provide a friendly, hassle-free service and deliver 2D CAD Drawings or 3D Models, saving you money and time with our efficient services. Contact us now if you’re interested!

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