What is WebShare Cloud, and why is it beneficial?


At Red Laser Scanning, we are always introducing new features and services which become increasingly beneficial for our clients or businesses who require 3D Laser Scanning services. Our surveyors want to make your life easier, especially during this challenging time, by offering accessible solutions to proceed with the completion of your architectural or construction project. Introducing WebShare Cloud, our measured building survey team will supply you with all the necessary information about this platform, and how it may be beneficial to you and others involved in your project. Here is everything you need to know.

What is Webshare Cloud?

WebShare Cloud is a cloud-based hosting platform provided by Faro to deliver the option in viewing laser scanning projects. If you require a measured building survey or topographical survey and need access to the Point Cloud, WebShare Cloud is easily accessed simply by using a web browser. A modern and easy solution, providing real-time access to our precise 3D Point Cloud data. This platform allows you to travel through the measured building and view the existing building at the time of the survey, with the exact positions of the scanner. Coordinates of any visible point on 360-degree panoramas are checked, as well as the distance between two selected points on the Overview map. Travel through your site, building or land and gain access to Point Cloud to produce your as-built 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Models.

What are the Benefits of WebShare Cloud?

Now we have an understanding of what WebShare Cloud is, and it’s purpose in 3D Laser Scanning, why is this platform useful to you? WebShare Point Cloud viewer can be a potent tool when managing and evaluating your project. With its various features and principal purpose to complete a successful project, here are a few reasons why SCENE WebShare Cloud will be an excellent tool for you.

Simple Access and Management

When completing a measured building survey, WebShare Cloud will allow you to view the point cloud and have access to the point cloud data showing spectacular visuals of the existing site. There is no limit to the number of users who will be able to view this information, so collaborating is easy within anyone who is involved with the project. When controlling the point cloud viewer, you may distribute, access and allow authorisation and permission for those who need to share, upload data, download or customise the laser scanning project all with the use of just a web browser and internet connection. Allow effortless communication and get the feel of being live on-site with its 3D Visualisation.

Elevated Productivity

Whether you are an architect, construction professional, interior design or engineer, you can progress with your project quickly and efficiently with the simple access of this platform. WebShare Cloud guarantees quick exchange and transfer of real data, without needing to store on local servers or having to ship tangible data to proceed with the planning of your laser scanning project. This service is easy to use and requires minimal effort, saving you time and money in the long-run if any mistakes occur during the process, due to unreliable data.

Accurate information equal accurate decisions

With everyone who is involved in the progress of your laser scanning project or survey, they have instant access to the point cloud, resulting in a similar understanding of the data and what you are working with. Avoid the risk of delays and costs due to outdated or inaccurate data. Red Laser Scanning uses leading technology and equipment to provide reliable and accurate measured building surveys for any residential or commercial project. Proceed with the production of as-built 2D Drawings and 3D Models with the software or your choice; whether it’d be AutoCAD or Revit, you can directly import point cloud data to produce accurate results.

If you are interested in our range of services, our measured building team is available as soon as the next day to complete your survey and provide any required deliverable for your project. Get a quote online now or contact us for additional information about our services!

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