Let us explore the various format of as-built 2D drawings and its level of detail


Our 3D Laser Scanning company is here to deliver accurate, reliable and precise 2D Drawings for residential and commercial purposes in London and all across the UK. Our experienced team uses the FARO S70 3D Laser Scanners to produce your precise as-built plans in any format required, undertaking a comprehensive survey with the inclusion of all structural and architectural features of the building. Want the full breakdown of what type of plans and drawings we can offer? Our CAD technicians explain what drawings and level of detail we can provide you with from our measured building survey services.

How we produce our accurate 2D AutoCAD Drawings

To supply extremely accurate 2D drawings and plans with the required level of detail, a measured building survey is highly recommended as it captures exact information of the building or site, leaving no room for errors or inaccuracies. Using 3D Laser Scanning technology, as opposed to blueprints, has become the norm for architectural or construction projects. It guarantees accuracy when working on your building project and in the long-run becomes time and cost-effective, avoiding any risk of mistake if using blueprints. Blueprints are a set of proposed drawings at the time of building construction. A measured building survey can be carried out on all stages of a building’s lifecycle, used for verification and record purposes.

Our 3D Laser Scanning company imports the Point Cloud into reliable AutoCAD software for the production of our as-built 2D Drawings. With its variety of tools and features, we follow the required level of details for the creation of your floor plans, cross-sections and elevations. Here is a full list of what drawings Red Laser Scanning can provide for architects, engineers or facility managers.

  • Floor plans
  • Cross-sections
  • Sectional elevations
  • Internal Elevations
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • External Elevations
  • Roof plans
  • Site plans

What 2D drawings are the most convenient for your project? Let our surveyors and technicians explain the difference and features between floor plans, cross-sections and elevations:

Floor Plans

Floor plans are used to see and measure sites and buildings structure from above. It is a form of orthographic projection that shows the entire layout of the building, typically projected at the floor height of 1.2 metres. Floor plans are extremely popular within interior design, construction and architecture, showing layouts and illustrations of a property and home.With its flexibility to be produced in various scales, you may differentiate the drawn information with line types, colour and weights. The plans allow you to visualise the internal and external structural walls, fixed partitions, beam and door positions, fixed furniture, vent and rainwater pipes and general floor levels.


Cross-sections are as-built 2D Drawings which simply allow you to visualise what the building looks like if it was cut vertically to present internal space. It is a horizontal orthographic projection of a building, which shows details of the dimension and thickness of any component of a building. The level of detail can showcase the structural floors and ceilings, false floors and ceilings, windows and datum line.


Elevations are 2D Drawings which show an orthographic projection of the exterior building split into four directional views. This includes the front, rear, left and right side of the elevation. Find detailed doors and windows with frames, cornices, balustrades and decorative stonework or pipework.

Our complete 3D Laser Scanning services will allow you to complete a successful building project with our trustworthy plans and high-quality deliverables. Request any format and define the level of detail of your 2D Drawings by contacting us now! Trust Red Laser Scanning to provide flawless plans which will save you money and time.

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Red Laser Scanning specialises in 3D Laser Scanning services for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors all across UK. Our experienced team is here to deliver a quality service which is quick, efficient and reliable for your project needs.

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