How to measure Archaeological sites and Heritage Properties with 3D Laser Scanning


Laser scanning enables the capture of 3D data and measurements of a large quantity site or building within a short amount of time.  It creates photorealistic images of real-world objects, capturing an accurate representation of a building form through a laser scanner. What can 3D Laser scanning technology be used for? Today we are exploring the laser scanning of heritage properties and archaeological sites, it uses and potential benefits.

What are the uses of laser scanning and archaeological site and heritage property?

3D Laser Scanning can open up a world of unlimited possibilities when analysing and evaluating a heritage property or archaeological site. The beauty of 3D Laser scanning technology allows you to inspect and access an archaeological site while retaining its delicate, historical features to archive data or for research purposes. Oxford Archaeology was able to capture and create a permanent record of post-medieval mines through the use of laser scanning, as it was the only way to capture vital information. Archaeologists can approach 3D Laser scanning companies to gain a better understanding of the correlation in landscape features of a particular site. The laser scanning technology can identify these unnoticed archaeological features due to the accuracy of the laser scanner. 3D Laser scanning can also monitor the structural and condition of the interested site. Heritage properties are prone to erosion, vandalism and subsidence. Our 3D Laser Scanning technology can observe these changes and document, giving archaeologists or other professionals the understanding of the building’s lifecycle.

Additionally, with access to our deliverables, you can create archivable 3D Data through our 3D BIM Models, or gather 2D Drawings and plans to display and showcase the property of the site. This feature may be useful for museums and visitor centres, allowing you to have physical and reliable as-built 2D Drawings to exhibit. Digital models can allow you to replicate the existing feature, property or site closely, ensuring you capture exact information from the laser scanning results. Allow yourself to gain a thorough understanding and spatial analysis of elevations and features within any archaeological site and heritage property!

The benefits of laser scanning archaeological sites and heritage properties

  • You have a selective range of 3d Laser scanning equipment to accomplish your specified project. Topographical survey services are ideal for larger sites, where our surveyors used Total Stations, GPS and 3D Laser Scanners to capture scanning data. Drone survey services will be your choice when trying to scan restricted areas, with difficulties of entry.
  • You gain a broader understanding of the heritage site or archaeological objects life cycle, distinguishing the alteration and modifications of any lost features.
  • You can create reliable end products through our measured building surveys by producing accurate 3D Point Cloud for analysing, 2D Drawings for display and tangible data, as well as creating 3D BIM Models for virtual reality experiences.

How can Red Laser Scanning help?

Our Measured Building survey and 3D Laser Scanning company provides you with all the necessary services and tools when scanning a heritage property and archaeological site. With our range of equipment and instruments, you can select the best option for your specified project. Our range of service includes drone surveying and topographical land surveying, for more restricted and delicate areas necessary to scan. Have peace of mind with our light instrument setup and non-invasive technology fit for heritage sites and archaeological objects. Contact us now to complete the laser scanning of your archaeological site and heritage property!

About Red Laser Scanning

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