Typical ApplTypical Applications of 3D Laser Scanning and 3D Building Information Modelling

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Red Laser Scanning is growing now more than ever to deliver high-quality 3d laser scanning and measured building survey services to all our clients across London and the UK. Introducing beneficial and impactful services to create a complete turnkey solution, we will be analysing the typical applications and uses of 3D Laser Scanning technology and 3D BIM Modelling with reference from our clients and the general knowledge within the surveying and AEC industry. We practice high definition and quality standard 3D laser scanning, measured building survey and fantastic customer service, so you are left satisfied with the results. What are the typical applications for Laser Scanning, and where can they be used?

3D Laser Scanning Applications

3D Laser Scanning is used in various application. Our services are most commonly used in industrial, architectural, archaeology and construction. In addition, depending on the service you seek, it may also be applied in reverse engineering, quality inspection, dentistry, mechanical inspection and urban topography. As a measured building survey company, we use a 3D terrestrial laser scanner which specialises in building surveys and site surveying. 3D Laser scanning technology can also include portable handheld laser scanners which will focus on these areas of surveying objects and parts to create CAD Models to inspect and examine digitally.

Furthermore, you may create virtual reality experiences and animations. As Red Laser Scanning explore the virtual reality service in the future, it can consist of creating a virtual space with the use of headgear to recreate the existing architectural building, generating a computer simulation for various purposes and activities. Why would this be useful? It can be used for entertainment purposes such as exhibits or gallery displays, in addition to simulating movie animations scenes.

Even in the most unexpected regions or industries, 3D laser scanning technology will be extraordinarily beneficial and impactful. One example being a Forensic crime scene investigation or science education. 3D Laser scanning can help scan and process crime scenes for forensic examination, who would have thought?

Deliverables from a 3D Laser scanning application

Our 3D Laser scanning company focuses on the inspection and progression of a building and site, no matter the scale and size, to aid civil engineers, architects, designers, facility and construction managers with the completion of their project. While we complete a measured building survey, we gather that information to create as-built 2D Floors plans, roof plans, elevations and cross-sections, as well as 3D BIM Models for easier collaboration and optimisation of building performance.

Our experienced team have also introduced a new point cloud viewer, which has proven to be extraordinarily advantageous and an excellent tool to assist your building and site project. WebShare Cloud is the platform to provide and allow you to travel through the measured building in the exact positions of the scanner taken at the time of the survey. Avoid the cost and time of visiting the site in person, and obtain a simple digital option to review the virtual experience in colour, directly through a web browser.

3D Modelling

3D Modelling has been the greatest gift in 3D Laser Scanning technology. Our scan-to-point cloud service allows the output imagery to be displayed as a full 3D Model in BIM format through Revit software. Review through Point Cloud, Webshare and 3D BIM Models, a versatile and cost-effective product which allows you to optimise the performance of your building, and the planning and management of your project. Easily access your data and analyse the performance of your construction or architectural project with your colleagues through secure collaboration. Our 3D Laser scanning company guarantee photorealistic renderings and animations, showing an accurate and exact representation of the building in question.

If you would like to use our measured building services for the production of your as-built plans and 3D Models, make sure to get a quote today and contact us through our website!

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Red Laser Scanning specialises in 3D Laser Scanning services for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors all across UK. Our experienced team is here to deliver a quality service which is quick, efficient and reliable for your project needs.

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