Find out what is a setting out engineer service and how it can benefit you.

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3D Laser Scanning technology offers wondrous possibilities and uses within the construction and architectural project. If you are not familiar with our setting out engineer service, we will cover everything you need to know about our site controlling and setting out engineering services and all of its benefits and advantages for your construction project. Minimise the risk of inaccuracies and problematic future errors with this straightforward, affordable service, guaranteeing a complete and successful plan for your building or construction site.

What are setting out engineer services?

Setting out engineer services will pinpoint and mark any structural features of a site when referring to site plans, and using Total stations, GPS and digital levelling instruments. Clear markers are used to indicate where structures are going to be installed; this can be stud walls, brickwork, cladding, columns, drainage layouts and foundations. A professional setting out service will provide an accurate and authentic plan prior to completing the construction of your building and site. Usually, this service is ideally combined with our as-built 2D Drawings as it shows tangible and physical proof of the layout and structure of the site, in order to complete the correct indications. Setting out engineers and site technicians are specialist in using the best quality materials and equipment to proceed with your service. Our 3D Laser scanning company will provide the highest standard services as we specialise in all areas of 3D Laser scanning.

What is the typical procedure for setting out engineer services?

Red Laser Scanning is equipped with highly trained and exceptionally experienced surveyors and engineers when providing a secure and hassle-free setting out service and site control. Our 3D Laser scanning professionals arrive on the specified site fully equipped with the necessary instruments to provide high-accuracy positions and measurements of infrastructures for accurate placement and location. The whole process of setting out is made straightforward and simple as our experienced team immediately works on the positions of your structural features.

What are the benefits of a setting out engineer service?

Setting out engineer services aim to detect measurement errors and deliver complete assurance of reliable results with the positioning of foundations and structures of your construction project. Completing this service will reduce and eliminate the risk of inaccurate construction, saving you money and time when having to revisit sites and reconstruct an incorrect site and structure. Our 3D Laser scanning and measured survey company are highly experienced when providing setting out engineer services, no matter the scale or size of the project. Red Laser Scanning proceeds your construction project with the utmost confidence, with our excellent competitive rates for highly accurate and trustworthy service.

Setting out engineer services also use high-quality technology which is well-known and reputable—our foolproof solution to the completion of your construction work. We locate new features such as foundations, levels and ground beams. This service is ideal for tower blocks, new builds and foundations. Whatever project is required to proceed with construction, our setting out engineer services will lay out a solid foundation, so you have a quick and smooth process when completing.

Do you believe this is the ideal 3D Laser scanning service for you and your projects? You may contact Red Laser Scanning by completing our online booking form or giving us a call today clarifying your required services. Our professional surveyors and engineers will deliver a highly professional and friendly setting out engineering and site controlling service to you as soon as the next day. Visit our services now, and receive the finest quality plans for your construction site!

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