Most common mistakes to avoid in 3D Laser Scanning & Measured Surveys

3D Laser Scanning technology offers wondrous possibilities and uses within the construction and architectural project. If you are not familiar with our setting out engineer service, we will cover everything you need to know about our site controlling and setting out engineering services and all of its benefits and advantages for your construction project. Minimise the risk of inaccuracies and problematic future errors with this straightforward, affordable service, guaranteeing a complete and successful plan for your building or construction site.


What are setting out engineer services?

In 3D Laser Scanning technology and Measured building surveys, it is essential to be well-prepared and well-informed in regards to your equipment, the project specification and the best approach to create the most accurate results. Unfortunately, many common mistakes and misjudgements may affect and create a significant impact to the end result of your point cloud, wasting time on trying to solve the issues or cost by having to complete the survey again entirely. Red Laser Scanning is here to share some insight into the most common mistakes when carrying out a measured survey and how it can be avoided to create accurate data.

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Scanning & Installing

One common mistake is not verifying the equipment before and after a site survey is performed. This may be obvious to some; however, it is crucial to review if the equipment is all collected and stored safely, to avoid damage to your precious and valuable 3D laser scanning equipment. One small misplacement and you risk paying for another laser scanner, so a simple evaluation and final check will avoid a costly accident!

While you are performing the measured building survey, make sure you find a stable surface or as secure as you can, providing the site conditions. Not every measured building survey job will have a smooth floor, however, be realistic with your laser scanner placement and don’t create that risk or having the wind cause your high-priced instrument to fall and break. Ensure you invest in a secure, fully functioning tripod, and you evaluate the exterior conditions to make a reasonable and good judgement.


Checkerboards, also known as paper targets, are used to register individual scans and tie them together for an accurate and improved automated registration process. Correct implementation of these checkerboards will ensure a higher level of detail and accuracy over other natural references, so it is crucial to follow the correct steps when placing them to scan, internal jobs.

Ensure the checkerboard is placed correctly and fully attached to the wall. You may want to be eco-friendly with your tape or blu tac, however, the target point must be adequately concealed to catch the correct angle to the one point. The secure placement and position of your checkerboards are vital to complete a brilliant building project. Do not attach checkerboards which are too close or too far apart, or else you will lose a significant area of scanned data which is reliable or detailed. Our surveyors recommend the distance not to be less than one metre apart, this will work extremely well with our next point.

Using and managing spheres:

Spheres or reference spheres are crucial for an excellent laser scanning project as it works considerably well internally and externally. The placement of the sphere is important, and often mistakes occur, which can be easily resolved with our following tips.

One common mistake is aligning your spheres in one straight row and the same angle. Why is this incorrect? It will not capture an accurate representation of the space and needs dynamic and altercation of levels to truly create accurate results. Place your targets at different heights and planes with a relatively significant distance to create a detailed single point cloud file of the required project and site.

The key is always to be attentive! Without realising, someone may have misplaced the sphere or examined it and put it back to the same place it is situated in. Unfortunately, this will affect the scan and not give you the close perfect results you are aiming for and what your client expects. To achieve those results, make sure you use a pedestal when appropriate to guarantee secure placement.

These are just a few of some common mistakes which can be assessed and fixed when scanning. Our 3D Laser scanning company ensure the best procedure to create accurate results through as-built 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Models. Red Laser scanning love offering expert advice, tips and guides in 3D Laser Scanning services, you may review our expert guide in all our services here.

If you would like more tips and advice in everything 3D Laser Scanning, make sure to let us know on Instagram and we will create another blog on everything you need to know in regards to the quality and resolutions of laser scanners. Contact us today for a hassle-free and reliable service!



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