All you need to know about the Underground survey service

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What is the application of an Underground Survey?

Underground Utility services determine the location and features of the subsurface infrastructure, creating an underground map for the purpose of building projects. Underground surveys are conducted using non-intrusive and simple techniques and equipment, as data is captured using electro-magnetic or GPR. Underground Survey services will avoid and eliminate excess excavation and the modification of grounds on building sites to identify and map where all subsurface utility infrastructures are such as:

  • Pipes
  • Cables
  • Gas Mains
  • Drainage Systems
  • Sewers

Our 3D Laser Scanning company delivers a comfortable and secure service for contractors and building project managers to identify all locations containing features and identifying the best approach to proceed with building and construction projects. At Red Laser Scanning, we focus on completing your survey through GPR. We deliver accurate and comprehensive results through leading and quality equipment, providing you with a thorough report and using plans to identify and mark everything below the surface. Our underground utility mapping is the service you’re not entirely familiar with, but will give you that advantage that you never knew you needed!

Why is it essential and needed?

Our underground utility mapping service is backed up with a variety of benefits and advantages to finalise a successful building or construction project. Firstly, the data obtained by underground survey services will reduce the risk of unnecessary and expensive excavations. Allow for easier identification of below the service features and avoid delaying the progress and completion of your building project. Our job as a 3D Laser scanning company is to get you ready and prompt for your building project, so with this service, our surveyors and technicians will supply and establish correct markings with the detected utilities below the surface. Health & safety is extremely important to us, and we ensure that our services meet and comply with all health and safety regulations. Our job is to identify any hazard precautions and inconveniences early on, to save you the hassle and stress in the future when approaching your site-building project.

Our underground utility surveys are precise, accurate and reliable as you receive tangible information to finalise your construction project. By detecting what’s below and its placement, you avoid delays in construction and minimise all risks and future errors that may occur during the development and excavation. Our laser scanning team will guarantee that peace of mind, all that is needed is to enquire about this service.

How can it help your project?

  • Underground utility mapping will identify everything from the below, reducing the number of unknown features, so you are fully aware of your surroundings and beneath.
  • It will provide you with accurate locations of feature in a non-invasive or non-intrusive method, reducing excavation and destruction.
  • It gives security when the client proceeds, plans and executes the construction project required.
  • Feel secure as it meets with all health and safety regulations by identifying any hazard precautions sooner rather than later.
  • You will receive accurate reports and evidence of infrastructure utilities through our amazing deliverables such as as-built 2d drawings and 3D Models.

If you are ready to use this service or require more information about why this may be useful for you, make sure to contact us today and complete our booking form online, so we respond immediately. Red Laser Scanning has worked and completed over 100 successful projects, delivering reliable point cloud, as-built 2D AutoCAD Drawings and 3D Revit Models all across the UK. Allow us to help with your building and construction project today!

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