What are the advantages and capabilities of Total Station?

At Red Laser Scanning, we pride ourselves with using the lastest 3D Laser Scanning technology to offer the best solutions for our clients and professionals with their personalised project. With our range of service including measured building surveys, topographical surveys, CCTV surveys, GPR and roof surveys, our experienced team is equipped with the best tools and software to generate fantastic plans and 3D BIM Models. Today we explore the advantages and capabilities of Total Station and why it is used for building construction and architectural projects.

What is Total Station equipment?

Total Station is one of our surveying equipment used, providing an electronic distance measuring device. Essentially it is a theodolite with an incorporated distance meter to measure vertical and horizontal angles and slope distances. Total Station’s have become a crucial surveying instrument when providing accurate and precise results for measuring and mapping existing buildings and sites. We use the Total Station instrument from the well-known and trusted brand Leica, mainly for our topographical survey and setting out services and more. The choice between instruments is determined by the level of visibility of the terrain features and required coordinate system, which Total Station will usually provide in the majority of the cases.

What are the advantages?

Why use Total Station to complete your measured surveys? Total Stations are simple to set-up with the application of laser plummets. This is done quickly with the setting of the instrument on a stable tripod. Save the time of work on the field as the accuracy of the measurements is higher than other surveying instruments.

The data collected when surveying from Total Station is easily downloaded into your computer or laptop when processing the information. It allows a straightforward and simple process to produce the deliverables required for our project, creating a clear journey to implementation and managing. Ultimately, you will receive accurate, reliable and assured measurements as it measures angles and distances electronically, processing trigonometrically to supply the position coordinates in space. This leads to fewer mistakes and the reduction of rework for any errors in the long term. Our experienced surveying team provides a solution with greater productivity and better quality assurance, improving the delivery of as-built data such as 2D drawings and 3D BIM Models for faster and quicker completion.

What are the applicaions of Total Station?

Total Stations have many applications due to the versatility and benefits it provides. The primary use of Total station is to record features in topographical surveying or to set out features such as boundaries and roads in a larger area. Total Station is also ideal for archaeological sites and properties to record excavations, recording slant distances and calculating positions.

Receive exceptional illustration of detailed mapping throughout controlled surveys. We guarantee the results and the accuracy of measurement received surpasses other techniques and surveying instrument within 3D Laser Scanning. This can be reviewed simply by visiting our case studies and topographical survey service page.

Our leading 3D Laser scanning company provides all the best solutions for your architectural or construction project. Explore our range of services to select the ideal option for your project, whether your need as-built 2D drawings or 3D BIM Revit models to the utmost detail. We deliver under your request! Contact us today for a free quote!

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