The industries which benefit for 3D laser scanning

Now more than ever, 3D laser scanning is increasingly used in many sectors and industries which we don’t initially think or correlate to its technology. The beauty and impact of 3D laser scanning continues to expand and facilitate business, professions and services. Red Laser Scanning has worked in numerous project for different sectors and industries, including commercial, education, industrial warehousing, residential, retail, transportation and even landmarks. Keep a lookout on our case studies page to see some marvellous work!

Our surveyors and 3D laser scanning specialists have shared information on our services and what we offer. So, how can this be used for each industry? Let us review some of the sectors we know well of, and others which can still benefit from a 3D laser scanning experience.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering consists of roads, railways and pretty much everything surrounding us, which of course is extremely important to get right. It allows us to design and connect our surroundings, so the correct tool is required to maximize the quality of the job and complete a successful result. 3D Laser scanning can determine the volume calculation and monitoring the deformation of your required site. Receive cross-sections through as-built 2D drawings, as well as 3D Models to track the process and allow project supervision. It is an excellent service for quality control and ensures the job runs smoothly, so, 3D laser scanning is definitely a beneficial requirement!


As you are aware, 3D laser scanning technology is highly used by architects and designers as they complete their projects with the assistance of measured building surveys. Surveyors scan the existing building or space which is being worked on and register 3D point cloud to create as-built 2d drawings and 3D BIM Models. This is vital for space optimisation and decreasing the risk of future problems arising due to the measurements being inaccurate. Our 3D Laser Scanning guide for architects and designers can be found here for elaborate uses.

Facilities Management

Facility Management requires the confidence and surety of ensuring security, safety, functionality and comfortability to a built environment with the integration of people. This includes real estate property, transportation, maintenance in construction and more. 3D laser scanning and measured surveys in facilities management allow you to collect correct data, store and observe critical information and tag key assets for future inspections. With the accuracy of 3D laser scanning equipment, it becomes a highly praised tool to use due to its reliability and flexibility.

Cultural Heritage

If you are wondering about if a modern tool being used in a historical environment is beneficial, then we can confirm to you that it is. 3D laser scanning in cultural heritage can allow the completion of project reconstructions, restoration or conservation. What is fantastic about the equipment at Red Laser Scanning, is that it is non-invasive and can survey in limited light conditions. You can find benefits and practical uses in Laser Scanning of archaeological sites and heritage properties. Find and ascertain a greater understanding of the historical features of a building and collect information to store and archive!

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