How VR can enhance BIM within 3D Laser Scanning

It is no surprise how 3D BIM services bring extreme value and beneficial uses to architectural projects, construction projects, archaeological properties and so forth. Scan-to-BIM is increasingly popular amongst professionals due to the efficiency and outcome to a cost and time-effective solution when working on a building project. Our 3D laser scanning company uses Revit software to complete 3D BIM models; here is all you need to know about laser scan to Revit and the process.

Given that 3D BIM Modelling is a powerful service for the AEC industry and professionals, it allows the introduction to new visual enhanced experience, such as the concept of VR.

What is VR?

VR technology translates to Virtual Reality technology. It creates a simulated experience through augmented and mixed reality, popular in the use of entertainment through video games, as well as education. The device is used by wearing and experiencing a different visualisation, which takes up your complete vision of the real environment. How will VR enhance and apply within the use of BIM services? This is how we can gain a great advantage to the software.

VR into BIM

Emerge yourself into a VR environment with the application of BIM. We know BIM services allow you to view a 3D model of the building or site in question, so now imagining viewing the entire virtual building right before your eyes. The application will help you detect and resolve any clashes or non-secure elements before beginning the construction, and minimise the future risks of spending more time and cost to resolve. Many benefits with VR include the better coordination and design visualisation, high level of detail, complete elimination of future errors and, a better exhibition to demonstrate and present your projects to clients. If you are not familiar with 3D laser scanning technology, this technology allows you to envision a real-time project before construction.

Architects, designers and engineers could experience their structures, analyse flaws in the design, provide better communication, and optimise the project for successful completion. As demonstrated, VR tools for construction is highly beneficial and creates an improved resource for faster projects and experiencing the design process without the need to visit the actual physical site or building.

What is the future of VR and BIM?

As a 3D laser scanning company in London, our professionals believe VR will soon be widespread in 3D laser scanning, if not required for professionals and clients interested in Scan-to-BIM. Integrating VR will allow designer, architects, and engineers to view and manage objects in real-time; this will increase the project’s time management and create a better understanding when working on the project. Inspect your project any time through VR technology application; you may review the best VR headsets and gather a better understanding of why this application will soon be a requirement.

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