The Rising Technology Trends in Construction for 2021

Technology is present now more than ever and has become a significant part of our lives as we continue to progress and develop equipment, applications, and engineering. As technology continues evolves, we must keep updated with the accelerated changes and alterations. That is why Red Laser Scanning is here to review the rising technology trends in 2021, especially within the construction and architecture industry.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality itself has gained more potential as it reaches other uses than gaming. This rising trend is now extended into education, marketing, army training, forensics and much more as other industries take advantage in its great applications and potential. As discussed in our previous blog post, Virtual Reality immerses you into an environment that is distinct to real-life, as your vision is overtaken through Oculus Rift equipment. The name itself has been popular for the last few years, but it’s the progression and development of this type of technology which we are impressed by.

Another similar tool is augmented Reality which is the combination and blending of virtual and real-life, an extension where it applies to a real environment with the virtual images created. Augmented Reality becomes favourable and advantageous in construction as it allows the opportunity to progress in real-life planning, especially amongst professionals within the industry. Both have created an enormous impact in construction and building, continuously evolving for full beneficial use and potential.

BIM – Building Information Modeling

It is no surprise we are analysing the wonders of our very own Building Information Modelling service. It proves it has become one of the favourite tools and technologies to use within building and construction. BIM creates a visual model of the building in question using Revit software, easy to access and operate and manage the building project.

BIM is favourite by many professionals due to its credulous approach when coordinating on the planning, design and construction of a building within one 3D Model. It creates layers of metadata and renders them, as well as making the visual depiction of the building, opening better collaboration and easy communication. BIM is the ideal technology to detect any inaccuracies early on, and with more 3D laser scanning companies offering this service, you view enhanced models with excellent attention to detail.

3D Printing

Sourcing material or recreating damaged parts has never been so easy with 3D printing in construction and engineering. Why is 3D printing the tool you didn’t know you needed until now? It has opened up and developed highly when material sourcing and is continuously growing within commercial sectors due to its fast and immediate application.

3D printing technology is popular for automotive, aerospace, product design, medical use, construction, and architecture. It’s efficient and prompt solution allows you to progress in the project and design while saving you time and cost. Printing materials is definitely a trend we all want to participate in 2021.

Development of Aero and Remote Technology.

Everyone across the globe is now very familiar with the term remote and its practice in 2021. Remote access has risen this year as we try to avoid contact as much as possible. As a 3D laser scanning company locate din London, we also see the preference to remote technology, particularly in aerial and droning technology.

Unmanned Aerial vehicles have now seen an increase in construction and building project. Better known as “drones”, this technology creates a remote solution when conducting surveys or imagery through sites with limited access, or difficult to reach spots. Drones are continually reproducing, now with higher quality and imagery, and reading precision according to distance. It is also extremely secure when surveying, which we pride ourselves in Red Laser Scanning when completing a drone survey.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is involving and will continue to apply until as long as there is existence. We are already noticing the implementations on-site using robotics for tasks in construction, delivering faster jobs in manufacturing and engineering. How is artificial intelligence changed the construction industry? With is organised progress and advancements, it speeds up any project when building.

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