Exploring the uses of 3D Laser Scanning to each professional industry

3D Laser Scanning is a large and extremely influential method for all construction, architecture, design, and engineering professionals. It is a powerful and cost-effective tool that saves time and can collect a significant amount of detail for any project or task required. You now should know everything about measured buildings surveys and our 3D Laser Scanners! If not, make sure to visit our blog page, where we discuss the rising technology trends and all the beneficial uses of 3D laser scanning!

Let us now explore beyond and remind ourselves how fantastic laser scanning technology is. Our experts discuss mobile laser scanning, what services can be provided and how beneficial it is for the construction, design and engineering industry. Ready to be amazed?

What is portable laser scanning?

Portable laser scanning is a method of surveying and laser scanning through a handheld device. Handheld laser scanning provides swift and reliable capture of data. Measured building surveys use 3D Laser scanners for comprehensive capture of building data, where portable 3D laser scanning can provide a fantastic range of services for smaller jobs or part and components specific. It offers a precise and cost-effective solution to digitise physical prototypes, capturing dimensions of objects, sites and quality inspection. So, what services is it ideal for?

3D Quality & Inspection

Generate complete and detailed inspection reports from portable 3D scanners! Portable 3D laser scanning will measure a physical object’s geometrics and features and gather an efficient analysis, including the boundary and geometry deviations and deformation and manufacturing process. How does it work? The data is collated In a single point cloud file and examined in a CAD model to generate readings and measurements for the inspection. Information is delivered in precise and reliable full assessment and quality reports for investigation, manufacturing or insurance. 3D handheld laser scanning allows you to understand the parts in question, peace of mind, and verify the quality.

Reverse Engineering

If you are not familiar with reverse engineering, this service creates CAD models from a physical object for manufacturing and redesign. Using a handheld 3D laser scanner is a turnkey solution when collecting data and delivering parametric models for automotive or aerospace projects. Reconstruct damaged or outdated parts, and examine the existing physical object for further corrections and improvements – an exceptional application for engineers and other professionals.

Large Scale Laser Scanning

Using a portable laser scanner will allow surveyors to scan an interior or exterior space of a property and site, travelling through the room to capture every element, angle, surface and detail. Create 2D plans and 3D Models using the 3D handheld laser scanner over a FARO 3D Laser scanner. If you want to find the best 3D handheld laser scanners, visit Go3DPro and access professional portable 3d scanners.

3D Printing

As mentioned in our previous blog of ‘The Rising technology trends in construction’, 3D Printing services come hand in hand with portable laser scanning. With the precision and accuracy of a handheld scanner, it allows you to create perfect and accurate prototypes and small volume manufacture of a physical object. A product is scanned, and the scanner captures millions of points with an ultra-high-speed of fps. Collect data and transform reliable CAD scans into secure prototypes.

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