Here are the best Surveying Practices for Construction Projects in London

It is no doubt that 3D laser scanning has become an integral part of construction projects and build and design. The management and preparation of construction jobs require complete accuracy and safekeeping to manage and have a successful outcome. That is why our measured surveying and 3D laser scanning company ensures to overgo the best practices and secure a process to run construction projects smoothly. What are our priorities? What methods do we have in place to provide confident results? Here are our practices for construction and design projects.

Pre-site Preparation

Our surveyors review and check all 3D laser scanning equipment to ensure equipment safety and environmental security. We use FARO 3D laser scanners, providing accurate and detailed results from the very beginning of the measured building survey scan to your deliverables. Everything is recorded and noted, confirming sufficient and high-quality equipment for the construction surveying project. A calibration report is taken every project to ensure the scanner is prepared and calibrated for every project.

What we use?

Our professional surveyors use the FARO S70 laser scanners to complete measured building survey projects. The device has a range between 0.6 to 70m with a maximum accuracy error of +/- 1mm. It is portable and runs on two batteries, allowing to undertake a 3D laser scanning survey of up to nine hours without any access to electric power sockets. The scanner is also equipped with GPS, compass, height sensor, WLAN, and 360-degree HDR camera facilities up to 165 Mio. Pixel. Read everything you need to know here. Our team use reference spheres, along with checkerboards when scanning, to capture realistic information to register point cloud.

How do we place our targets?

The placement of targets is critical to provide the best surveying results in 3D Laser scanning. Firstly, targets must be clear and unobstructed line-of-sight from the scanner. Our surveyors place them at varying heights, distances and planes within the correct distance range to cover as much information as possible.

In addition, we also ensure the scanner is in a secure and stable position when carrying out a construction job. A construction site requires more care and attention due to its partial state. Our experts are prepared for every environment and site conditions when scanning.

Maintenance and evaluation of equipment is key to a successful outcome and practice. Find confidence in a 3D laser scanning company that demonstrates attentive care to equipment and the setting!

If you are interested in a comprehensive measured building survey, our professional 3D laser scanning team is here to assist! Contact us today and complete your construction project!

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