Here is what we can expect in Five year from 3D Laser Scanning technology

The industrial market is no stranger to 3D laser scanning. This technology has, in fact, redefined construction, engineering and manufacturing in so many ways than we could ever imagine.

Over the last few years, 3D laser scanning services have been used in so many applications and in different sectors because of its convenience in being able to provide highly accurate 3D renderings of an object, building or construction site. But what exactly is 3D laser scanning and what can we expect from this market within the next five years?

Understanding 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is the technology that produces accurate measurements of a space. Using a 3D laser scanner, surveyors can easily measure a building and generate highly accurate information about even the tiniest details of a space.
Within just a few seconds, this technology is capable of generating millions of data points that are then rendered as as-built 2D drawings to be used for team collaborations during projects.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning

With its accuracy and efficiency, our 3D laser scanning services have allowed for professionals to enjoy the following benefits:

• It is cost-effective. One of the biggest advantages of working with a 3D laser scanning company is the capability of cutting down operational costs significantly without sacrificing quality. With 3D laser scanning, surveyors don’t need to bring a lot of people just to take measurements and the speed of a 3D laser scan also makes it easier to cover a wider space in a short amount of time contributing to more savings.

• It is very detailed. Traditional surveying methods may have lasted for awhile when taking measurements of a space, but you won’t find anything more accurate and thorough than 3D laser scanning. Since this technology is capable of capturing millions of data points through a point cloud survey, things can get easily done while still ensuring that surveyors are getting the most accurate measurements that can be turned into a rendering for construction projects.

• It is safe. It’s no secret that surveyors go through a lot of risks when taking measurements of a site. In some instances, work can get disrupted or it can cause some dangers to other people on-site, especially when surveyors have to bring huge equipment just to make sure that they take the most accurate measurements. But these risks can be mitigated with the help of 3D laser scanning.

The future of 3D laser scanning

Although 3D laser scanning service is relatively newer as compared to its counterparts, it continues to show a promising future with a predicted market value of over £5.6 billion by 2025. But how exactly can we see 3D laser scanning in the next five years?

• It will be used more in safety compliance checks. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ravaging around the world, 3D laser scanning will be seen more as part of safety compliance checks in conjunction with machine learning technology.

• It will increase scanning usage. With more people staying at home these days, it’s not surprising that there’s also an influx of renovation and refurbishment projects, which means that scanning will increase over the next few years. This is especially important for business office spaces that are now being converted into living spaces to not only cope up with the effects of the pandemic but also to offer a more conducive environment for people to live and work in.

• It will become an intangible part of the estimating process. Although the construction industry has suffered a huge blow last year, it is now slowly getting back in shape. That is when 3D laser scanning services can be considered an intangible part of the estimating process since it helps promote accuracy in renovation projects by making sure that every single point is covered.

3D laser scanning is definitely increasing in popularity not only in construction and engineering but also now in other industries around the world.

With the accuracy, efficiency and savings that it offers, it’s not surprising that a lot of industrial firms are now embracing this new innovation that will allow them to take accurate measurements and generate a rendering that will help many professionals to complete projects easily. If you are interested in measured building survey services, contact our professional team today.

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