Investigate the various Models used in Workspaces post-pandemic

There are different workspace models available that are ideal after the COVID-19 pandemic which will benefit you and your employees in terms of efficiency and productivity. If you are not familiar with any of these models, you can explore your options for the new norm right here.

But it is ideal to study, explore and learn first before making a decision when it comes to the post-pandemic world. This is to ensure that it will be safe for the staff to return to work especially those under the construction industry or 3D laser scanning companies such as Red Laser Scanning.

Post-pandemic risk assessment

It is the responsibility of the employer to protect the health, safety, and wellness of their employees. This should extend to both mental and physical health. Therefore, employers need to secure the workplace from COVID-19, review the risk assessment, and conduct consultation with the staff.

It must include the workplace layout, social distancing protocol, disinfection, personal protective equipment, and ventilation.

Concerns in health and safety

Returning for work post-pandemic will actually impact the pregnant women and those with disabilities, particularly those who prefer to commute on public transport. That is why it is important to conduct consultation with the staff to be able to consider options for supporting them in the coming months.

Additionally, due to the risks involved when returning for work, salary increase is one of the concerns as it might pose a serious threat to their health.

Mental health concerns

There are different experiences felt by the community during the pandemic. Thus, they should have different issues of concern when it comes to their mental health. Businesses need to be conscious about the transition that might present a challenge for the returning workforce.

Flexibility of the workers

New working arrangements have been evaluated by many businesses, while many are reviewing hybrid or flexible arrangements. But they are advised to revise their flexible working policy and adopt the post-pandemic working environment.

On the other hand, a phased return to work is being considered. In this case, a gradual return to the workplace is preferable than inviting all employees back to work. This mainly gives the staff an opportunity to feel engaged and allow a period to refine the risk assessment.

Workplace models applicable post-pandemic

As the country is beginning to ease out on the lockdown a percentage of workers are back at the office. However, the government is still hesitant to permit this as outbreaks still occur occasionally.

As a result, workplace strategists and business leaders are suggesting to adopt a more flexible option to suit the condition of the workspace. Five models were used and suggested by these experts as the country is looking ahead post-pandemic.

1. Regular work schedule

Among the models, this category will engage into a regular 9-5 routine, which allows employees to return to work just as it was before the pandemic.

2. The clubhouse model

This is actually a hybrid model that allows workers to come to the office only when they need to meet. They only return home to do focused work. The office typically becomes a social hub where people meet, socialise, and work in collaboration.

3. Activity-based model

Without an assigned desk, workers can work from an office by spending their day moving between various workspaces instead. So, depending on the activity, each worker will go from one desk to another, as they work from home 2 days per week, shrinking the workforce in the office by half. Post-pandemic warehousing and distributing goes digital in 2021 as it is fundamental to optimise each business to its highest potential.

4. Hub and spoke

Employees are going to work in a smaller office in this type of model rather than travelling to a big one in the central business district. So, they will not cost them the commute to a central office, even if they receive the same benefits of a face-to-face interaction with their colleagues.

5. Full virtual interaction

In this model, employees are allowed to work from home or wherever they want to. This will enable companies to get rid of expensive leases and capitalise on the plans they have established during the pandemic.

Transforming the workspace in accordance to the new norm can be made possible with help from a measured building survey firm. You can rest assured that digital firms are able to provide results to suit a remotely working staff, such as having access to 3D BIM Models and using WebShare Cloud for 3D point cloud data.

You can either get as-built 2D drawings and more 3D laser scanning services from a reliable team of professionals from Red Laser Scanning. Thus, you will be able to explore which model can suit your workspace and work lifestyle. Contact us today for your free quote and easy, stress-free service.

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