How to add value to home refurbishment with 3D laser scanning technology

All refurbishment or new build projects rely on authenticity, reliability, and accuracy to differentiate an adequate project from a successful one. It’s no secret that refurbishments and new-builds require a great deal of planning and strategy to minimise the mistakes and risks of delay. In order to secure and establish an efficient result, the latest and advanced technology has to be present for a hassle-free and time-saving procedure. Add value to home refurbishments, building, new build and construction projects with 3D laser scanning technology.

Approaching your refurbishment

Whether you are planning your own project or approaching a contractor such as an architect or interior designer to take charge, almost every company and business will ask for floor plans and the layout of your existing home. The reason is to analyse, plan, and discuss realistic approaches to your specified project and give them a clear starting point in what needs to be done with the client’s direction. For successful results and interior design consultations, this article gives you a clear idea of what can be expected and why a good floor plan or as-built plan is a definite in refurbishment.

As-built floor plans are successfully delivered by measured building surveys through the use of 3D laser scanning technology. What differentiates a floor plan from measured building surveys to manual surveying is the guaranteed accuracy and detail received from high-quality equipment. To be fully aware, with no risk of complications or errors to appear during your project due to a manmade or human fault. With the required level of detail of our as-built 2D drawings, producing this document will allow you to archive, analyse and follow your refurbishment project.

Be equipped with valuable tools

Find projects and planning trouble-free and effortless now with the given possibilities of 3D laser scanning technology. It not only assists with the production of as-built plans, which is essential for every refurbishment, but it also goes beyond by offering 3D BIM models. 3D models can showcase the complete model of the space and allow you to inspect electrical, plumbing, and other systems that may need to be upgraded.

It is also a one-point deliverable that can be analysed by everyone who is involved. Control and coordinate the planning and design of the building; you can find more information on the full extent of what services from 3D laser scanning companies are available through our brochure.

3D Laser scanning in new builds

New builds can benefit from 3D laser scanning distinctly and comprehensively. Measured building surveys are provided to track if the project is going in the right direction and give an accurate record in every phase and cycle of the building project.

With measured building surveys or handheld 3D scanning, renovation and new builds become straightforward by gathering information and determining how the data is presented upon the client’s request. You save costs and time through 3D scanning services, avoid large, costly mistakes from happening, have reliable documentation and resources stored for future uses, and access on-demand information which increases the productivity and efficiency of the project throughout.

Why Red Laser Scanning for your refurbishment and new build?

Being the leading name of 3D laser scanning in London, we work with every professional to deliver services such as scan to point cloud, as-built 2D Plans and 3D BIM models. All required to complete a successful building project, whether it is home refurbishment, new builds and planning purposes. Contact our team today to test and understand why 3D laser scanning technology will help your project quickly and proficiently. Our prices are competitive in the market and reflect quality products within budget. Find out everything you need to know about our prices.

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