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What is heritage surveying, and why is it essential to recognise this added service?

Our 3D laser scanning company now offers professional heritage and conservation survey services across the UK. If you are wondering what the significant difference is from a regular measured building survey, we are here to share all you need to know and more with the use of advanced 3D laser scanning technology.

Our new 3D laser scanning technology recognises every feature or information which is not entirely noticeable to the human eye. Due to the high accuracy of our measured surveyors’ equipment, we can detail every defined historic building or area that requires extra attention. But, this is only the beginning; there are many more benefits to this impressive and well-needed service.

Restoration of Property

The topic of heritage sites and historic buildings is an important one as we are dealing with fragile and sensitive features that require to be handled with care and attention. Historic property restoration needs advice, accurate information and a comprehensive assessment. Our 3D laser scanners can identify all information required to assess and note a historic property or period building.

With accurate and flawless data captured by our London surveyors, we assess the data and measurements, provide solutions and produce accessible data, so you are able to analyse, review, and submit correct information prior to your restoration project. It is absolutely crucial that no mistakes are made, and with 3D laser scanning technology, we keep errors to almost nil.

Preserving fragile sites and buildings

To survey a historic building or conservation area requires a lot of care and security. You can trust our surveyors to deliver this with our non-invasive equipment and tools.

When inquiring about a heritage survey service, our surveyors set to be extra careful than they already are when scanning exceptional sites and buildings. Have complete confidence when preserving and protecting your heritage property, as we minimise manual labour and reduce human obstruction when completing the survey. Because we are experts in the area, we know the correct and secure techniques for preparation and have a fundamental depth understanding of how a historic building should be explored and treated.

Development Planning & Protection

If you are unaware, the development planning on historic environments may be more thorough and complicated than you initially thought. The GOV website will usually update anything that is required to know, so ensure you are always attentive when working on a historic building and planning project.

Our priority goal is to give you accurate and correct results at all times. With our heritage and conservation area survey service, every information detected through our 3D laser scanning technology is presented precisely in your specified and accessible format. Our surveyors identify discreet or unnoticed archaeological features, which may contribute to the planning procedure and development.

Our 3D laser scanning company is here to assist you every step of the way, so if you are unsure of any details or require assistance, we are here to help!

Archiving Sensitive Data

As professionals, we know the significance of keeping data secure and collecting all information for future plans and developments if required.

Suppose you require 2D drawings and plans for safe-keeping or a more complex 3D model of your heritage property. In that case, this service is designated to you.

Our 3D laser scanners can capture limitless information for research and archiving. It is the most advanced and reliable tool to understand the site or building specified and allows surveyors to document all evidence for protection purposes. Find accessible data and information in a short time frame, and you gain precise information with all features through a straightforward process.

If you are looking for a reliable heritage surveying service with a competitive rate, ensure you contact us for a free, no-obligation quote!

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