Off-site construction, surveying and the impact of architecture

We strive to enhance productivity, save costs, and create effective solutions when dealing with construction and architecture. For such a lucrative and fast-paced industry, the goal is to take benefit of the advanced technology and apply for innovative ideas.

So, how is the world of architecture design changing? And, how is surveying contributing to this? Let’s explore the progressing world of off-site construction, prefabricated homes, and digitalisation, as previously mentioned here.

A new rule in Architectural Design

The off-site construction market is rising and radically altering the rules of architecture, including the increased use of pre-designed and prefabricated homes. This notion isn’t necessarily new; as we see, off-site construction is common in countries such as Japan; however, with the growing possibilities of technology, such as 3D laser scanning, there is a different capability in architecture and construction.

What is a prefabricated home or building?

Prefabricated buildings are ready-made structures produced off-site and manufactured in factories. The components can be partially assembled or fully assembled, ready to be transported to the site. This method in construction is usually more efficient as the manufacturing is more controlled and streamlined, where walls and floors will be repeated as it is quickly produced.

Now that it is practised as a common standard in construction and manufacturing, we confirm the use of laser scanning and how surveying technology has made this notion easier and greatly practised.

What is different in off-construction now compared to before?

Today, we can do off-construction better and adeptly. With surveying services and innovative digital tools, we introduce BIM and modelling tools to help characterise and form the structure. BIM helps provide an accurate representation of a building across its lifecycle and facilitate coordinating the building’s planning, design, and production. Scan to BIM commences by obtaining point cloud from scanning and using BIM software such as Revit to construct models.

How does BIM help prefabrication and off-construction in Architecture?

Taking advantage of BIM and off-site digitalisation eliminates risky and costly inaccuracies from production when working on-site. We use surveying services, advanced technology, and digitalisation possibilities to respond and adapt to demands. Using advanced technologies such as BIM allows the prefabrication of buildings to be more experimental and solid. They are built quicker, become more sustainable and are beneficial for cases where working off-site is a requirement.

Here are the complete benefits of using BIM in prefabrication and Architecture:

  • Working on it off-site is faster when on-site. As the production is established, there will be a quicker turnaround ad a clear foundation of what is to be done. You can work on surveying and placing foundations on-site while working off-site.
  • It is cost-efficient. Fast action, reducing risks of on-site construction and having consistent quality throughout. As you use surveying technology and tools such as BIM, you are guaranteed complete accuracy when finalising components.
  • It is environmentally friendly. Increase the safety and conditions of the site and the efficient use of material and reusability. Conventional construction usually means more waste with material, where something is analysed, surveyed and produced accurately; you’ll avoid waste.
  • It will be consistent and of higher quality. Repeated operations and minimal interruptions in a controlled environment will allow easy and quality production due to the natural workflow. On-site construction can become stressful and spontaneous, whereas off-site construction is usually less complicated and streamlined.

If you are interested in finding out more about the world of laser scanning surveying and BIM, we have a range of resources and information to enlighten you such as our blogs and services.

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