Use 3D Laser Scanning Technology for Forensics and Investigations

Crime reconstruction can take a considerable amount of time because it is labour intensive and involves so many factors. Each stage needs to be done thoroughly as it is crucial in solving a crime.

The need for highly accurate and feature-rich visuals for crime scene recreation made law enforcement, crime investigators, and crime recreation firms switch to using 3D laser scanning.

3D laser scanning has gained rapid acceptance in various industries including law enforcement and crime scene investigations. While the technology has been around for years, it is only until recently that law enforcement recognised the benefits of laser scanning for investigation. However, the cost of this technology is a major detractor, making it difficult for many CSI units in third-world countries to utilise 3D laser scanning technology.

Is 3D laser scanning for investigation worth investing in? Below are the top 5 benefits of laser scanning for crime investigation.

3D Laser Scanning Technology for Forensics and Investigations

Comprehensive Data Collection

Traditional means of data collection can take hours while 3D laser scanning only requires several minutes to recreate a virtual scene. All important evidence is gathered without missing vital details.

Besides that, the completed coloured scans can be revisited without having to physically visit the site which is time and cost saving. In contrast to manual measuring and traditional methods, the result of the investigation is more comprehensive.

Point Cloud Analysis

3D laser scanning technology is also extremely beneficial in shooting investigations. Blood splatter analysis and bullet trajectory are accurately measured directly in the 3D point cloud or point clouds.

Crime scene investigators can get an accurate representation of all aspects of the investigation like the position of the shooter and the gun, and the holes from the bullets fired. With 3D laser scanning, it is easier and faster for investigators to come up with precise details that hold up in court.


Data and evidence can be collected as far as over 300 metres away, so investigators can map the entire crime scene out of harm’s way. The technology’s capability to gather data from a distance means shielding law enforcement and investigators from potential risks and dangerous situations.

It also helps in reducing the possibility of contaminating evidence because traveling to the actual scene is not necessary.

In addition, a laser scanner can capture a million points per second with an average scan time only lasting for several minutes. Less time spent on a crime scene means reduced time for individuals working which allow investigators to have eyes on the virtual environment.

Archive the Scene

3D point clouds can be stored and archived for future reference. All the gathered data from the crime scene can be preserved and can be accessed by anyone who is part of the investigation team whenever necessary.

Imagery and 3D point clouds are frozen in time allowing jurors to immerse in the virtual scene to have a better understanding of the facts surrounding the crime.

Lastly, necessary measurements that were not thought to be useful in the investigation can be revisited anytime as it was.

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Witness and Authority Point of View

Imagery and data from laser scanning help in better and highly accurate courtroom presentations. Subtle, small, or those encountered on the crime scene will help authorities capture the witness’ point of view.

The multiple and coloured scans will provide a complete view of the scene to visualised and confirm testimonies in court.

All these bring clarity and a better understanding of complex situations and accurate stories of an event. With faster and more comprehensive data gathering, challenges in the workforce, accuracy, and risky environments are addressed.

A better understanding of complicated scenarios, testimonies, and exhibits offer massive difference from the collection process to the final outcome, delivering results in criminal investigation and the justice system.


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