Top Benefits from Using BIM Services in measured building surveying

The traditional approach has always been the way in almost industries, including the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. Despite the inaccuracies and flaws, many rely on manual methods until the introduction of Scan to BIM.

Many construction companies have switched to Building Information Modelling (BIM) services for accurate results and accessible data to visualise and review building projects. With BIM services making a buzz in the AEC industry for years and continue being a reliable and exponentially growing product, what are the full benefits?

Benefits of a BIM Survey

Better Visualisation During Preconstruction

Stakeholders can visualise the project before it actually starts. 3D visualisations and simulations allow clients to have an overview before the construction.

Having a preconstruction view gives stakeholders the ability to make preconstruction changes and adjustments eliminating major errors that may arise during the construction phase. The ability to make crucial changes takes off the expensive and time-consuming errors.

Productivity & Efficiency

Scan to BIM services positively impacts the time spent on collaborating and sharing among stakeholders. The time-consuming manual processes are replaced with seamless planning and coordinating, allowing all stakeholders to spend more energy and time on finding and creating solutions.

With BIM’s capability of identifying construction or building areas that need immediate attention, engineers, designers, and construction professionals’ errors are reduced as well as time which leads to increased productivity. In addition to that, since BIM can be accessed anytime by parties involved in the construction project, this reduces the errors, inconsistencies, or inaccurate information before it happens.

Reduced Cost and Material Wastage

Working with a detailed project through the help of an experienced 3D measured surveying company, the use of BIM 3D model services allows construction professionals to make improvements on their processes before the project starts.

BIM has scheduling, cost estimation, and quantity take off features allowing engineers, designers, or architects to better understand the project, the timeline, and the cost.

With quantity take off, structural engineers can provide exact details about the quantity and quality of the materials. That said, structural professionals can now prepare highly accurate budget estimates through intelligent model estimates at the same time choose better materials that minimise errors and material wastage.

Such features do not only avoid cost and material wastage but giving construction professionals to have more time to focus on other aspects of the construction project.

Improved Scheduling

Aside from efficiency, improved productivity, and reduced inaccuracies, BIM 3D models saves time by lowering the risk of construction delays and setbacks through the scheduling feature.

Because documentation is easily incorporated into the plan even during the design process, changes can be accessed and implemented timely. Schedules can be planned and shared accurately improving project coordination which helps projects to be completed within the deadline or earlier.

Better Safety

Workplace safety is a major concern that BIM services have addressed. BIM services in UK can help reduce health safety conditions in the workplace.

Construction site workers are protected against safety hazards before they happen through visualizing and planning. BIM can improve and ensure safety throughout the construction process because of visual risk analysis.

Higher Accuracy

Accuracy and efficiency are two main important aspects of construction. Regardless of the size of the mistake, it can cause time and financial loss that can affect an entire project. A small or big mistake can put your organisation’s reputation and future at risk.

But BIM can help this area of concern by using 3D based models. Having detailed information on every aspect of the project allows precise execution. Structural engineers, designers, or architects can save time while maintaining high accuracy.

Improved Facility Management

The information of a construction project helps property managers keep a record of an accurate and ongoing record that can be accessed anytime when needed.

The data can be shared or sent to a building maintenance software that is crucial for building management, improvements, and future renovations.

BIM can provide contractors and construction experts with numerous benefits that will lead to time and cost-saving opportunities. Errors and costly reworks are reduced due to detection in the design & development and pre-construction stage. These benefits are too good to be ignored making BIM an excellent investment.

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