Why do you need an underground survey service?

Underground utility survey refers to the survey conducted to determine the type and location of utility infrastructure beneath the ground before work begins at a site.

About Underground Utility Survey

The underground utility surveys allow the surveyors to determine the location and type of utility in the subsurface to generate a comprehensive map that the client can use in the planning process of a project. It thus informs the client of the subsurface utility infrastructures in the site that may limit the project before the commencement of work. The mapping help reduce the time spent on design and planning and reduces the risks such as health and safety risks and the need for costly adjustments in the course of the project.

Methods of Underground Utility Survey Methods

Underground utility surveys involve mainly two methods; the Radio Frequency Location (RFL) and the Ground Penetration Radar (GPR). Combining the two methods ensures higher accuracy and comprehensiveness of the survey. RFL is the most popular of the methods and functions by tracing the signals that the utilities emit from underground. Whether using active or passive mode, the survey method determines the position and the exact location of the utilities.

Application areas

The RFL and GPR have various application areas.

  • Since RFL can only work when the objects emit signals, it’s only applied to locate metallic objects. It is thus appropriate for collecting underground utility information on metallic fuel pipes, telecommunication cable, cable TV cables, electricity cables, metallic vent pipes, and metallic gas pipes. RFL determines the object’s location and the exact size of that particular utility buried in the ground.
  • The GPR is applicable in locating underground utility objects that may be of different materials from the surrounding environment. The method is appropriate for determining the location of the objects underground which may not be visible. However, they may not determine the exact size of the objects, like in the case with RFL. The application areas include plastic gas pipes, plastic cable ducts, clay pipes, concrete pipes, fiber optic cables, plastic vent pipes, and plastic fuel pipes.

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