What are the key benefits of topographical surveys?

The purpose of our topographical survey is to gather all the spatial information relating to a site and its man-made and natural features. The surveys are in-depth and detailed and can distinguish all features, including land features, property, and physical boundary details within an area of interest. Depending on the client’s requirements, the elements that may be part of our topographical survey include area boundary lines, water channels, buildings and structures, drainage features, ground heights, contours and surfaces, water levels among others. We use a wide range of equipment to make precise measurement of all features on the site. An accurate GPS equipment to survey the area and produce fixed points of an area of land. Through laser scanning techniques, we produce accurate 2D CAD drawings displaying all site measurements that conveys a clear oversight of the site features. Drone survey enables complete laser scanning of inaccessible areas to determine accurate details of the area.

Deliverables from a Topographical Survey

As we use 3D laser scanning technology and advanced software, clients would receive detailed deliverables in point cloud data, scaled 2D AutoCAD drawings, and 3D Revit Models. Producing topo drawings that are reliable and contains all the information you need when mapping your site, is essential for developers, architects, engineers and other professionals to distinguish boundary lines of the building project or development. Why is a topographical survey so critical? Here are our top reasons.

Key Benefits of a Topographical Survey Service

Conducting topographical survey of your building or plot has the following benefits for your construction:

  • You are able to see an in-depth, clear and accurate picture of your piece of land or building. This will inform your decisions regarding planning of new buildings, design of drainage schemes on a site, and repositioning of new boundaries.
  • Topographical survey provides greater certainty to any planned development by reducing the risks of costly errors that can be made without the accurate picture of the site. The topo survey has the ability to reveal information that initially may not be obvious, including changes that have occurred to land over time.
  • With proper understanding of the topography of the land, those looking to build on site have prior idea of the land condition and its potential impact on the type of construction that could be built there. Thus, it will inform the design work and ensure the construction is on proper footing.
  • Reduce potential costs by identifying objects that could delays during construction works.
  • Avoid potential planning application refusals.

Why choose our Topographical Survey Services?

We deliver topographical survey services across London and the UK. Experience the benefits of using our topographical surveys for your building and/or land:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Extensive survey experience
  • Swift and efficient service
  • Trusted by hundreds of clients

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