Why is a Right of Light Survey Important?

What is a “Right of Light”?

A “right of light” is an easement that gives the landowners the right to receive light through defined apertures in buildings on their land. In many cases, issues arise from a new development that may obstruct light, or interfere with the amount of light received through an opening benefitting from a right of light.

We understand how important it is to get the Rights of Light calculations right, therefore, we take extra care with each project to ensure you receive the highest quality results. Our company uses 3D laser scanning technology to help with all the aspects of Rights to Light planning process, ensuring that your project adheres to the latest legislation.

Importance of Understanding the “Right of Light” Law

  • The developments which can potentially block the light coming in to the home include garden walls, part of a new housing or commercial development, or a neighbour’s new shed. In case a new building limits light coming in through a window and the level of light falls below the accepted level, then this constitutes an obstruction.
  • Rights of light can be protected by legal action, including the grant of injunctions to restrain developments which infringes a right to light, as well as an order requiring a completed development to be cut back. This applies even if the development has been granted planning permission.
  • Alternatively, the court can award substantial damages (often based on a percentage of the additional potential development profit that may be generated by the infringement) to compensate for the interference with such rights.

How can a Right of Light Survey help you?

The right of light surveyor is usually required to provide a report to the insurance underwriters on the risk levels associated with the development. Should a policy be implemented and a claim arise, the right of light surveyor may be retained to assist with the handling of the claim. It is thus essential to survey a site’s surrounding context when a new a building is required in a built-up area. This enables analysis of the other buildings fenestrations to help realise the impact of the new building on the neighbour’s Right to Light.

We analyse our point cloud data collected by our laser scanners directly in Autodesk Revit. Using the point cloud data in the Revit, we can swiftly build the model to the required tolerance by cutting slices through the data and the model simultaneously to check the accuracy.

What will you Receive?

Receive reports to confirm that the new development meets planning requirements, with mathematical calculations to determine whether or not a development causses infringement. For speed and accuracy, the mathematical calculations are undertaken using specialist computer software.

Our rights of light survey report will typically cover areas such as:

  • Calculations to determine whether or nor the rights to light are injured.
  • Identification of injunction risks
  • Compensation valuations where risks are identified
  • Advice on the appropriate strategy for dealing with the rights of light risks.

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