Area and Land Measurement Survey

Area and Land Measurement Survey Services in London

Our 3D laser scanning company offers complete accuracy and precision when approaching our 3D laser scanning services, and area measurement and land measurement are not an exception. Our professional surveyors scan large areas and land to achieve high-quality land measurements and area referencing services and solutions to plan your building or site project. We provide professional clients such as building developers, legal specialists, operators, investment owners and more hassle-free results to leasing, managing, rating, and selling property.

Receive area measurement reports and gather the complete understanding of distance and area measurement in surveying. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Net Internal Area Surveys (NIA)
  • Gross Internal Area Surveys (GIA)
  • Gross External Area Surveys (GEA)
  • Portfolio Measurement
Consistent Measurement

By hiring a leading 3D laser scanning surveying company, you will achieve consistent and accurate measurements of the specified property.

Speedy Process

With accurate detail, you straight away eliminate time spent and high costs of measurement inaccuracies and referencing. Speed up negotiations and deal with excellent measurement reports.

Trustworthy data

Our high-quality equipment will produce reliable data when producing area measurement reports, plan information and the complete area referencing survey requirements you may have.

Accurate Deliverables

Our surveyors translate comprehensive land and area measurement surveys to produce as-built 2D drawings, plans and 3D models, determining the distance and area measurement in surveying.

Surveying detailed land and area measurements in London!

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Land area measurement surveying consists of the thorough and comprehensive collection of scanning data through 3D laser scanning equipment. Our 3D laser scanners measure with a speed up to 1 million points per second and accuracy of +/- 1mm, capturing enough information for distance and area measurements and complete land measurements.

Distances, measurements, and data is not personalized, it is factual data which requires consistency, accuracy and precision. Area and land measurement surveys in London will deliver professionals with exact and correct measurements, along with area referencing services to verify structural details in clear 2D plans and 3D model formats.

Whether the complexity and size from a building measurement service to a land measurement survey, clients can inquire about Gross Internal Area Surveys, Gross External Area Surveys, Net Internal Area Surveys, and other surveying services in a cost-effective and efficient solution. Find comprehensive and clear deliverables and fully detailed area measurement reports for valuation purposes.

Being a leading 3D laser scanning company in London, we work with architects, interior designers, property and construction, building developers, legal specialists and many others. Our experienced surveyors use the latest 3D laser scanning technology to survey lands, areas and buildings to obtain area and land measurements data and translate them into plans and area measure reports.