Drone Surveys


Are you looking for a company offering drone survey services in your area? Our professional team offers complete roof surveying, drone surveying and mapping for a variety of purposes and needs. We aim to provide comprehensive UAV drone survey support to businesses and individuals alike.

You can rely on our professional team to deliver high-quality, timely drone site survey results for planning, inspection and mapping needs. Our drone surveying services are affordable, efficient, and are amongst the best-trusted in our area.


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For areas of land or buildings which are difficult to map and plan for, a drone survey will take a complete visual sweep overhead.  Using UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, drone survey specialists can ensure to capture aerial photography and topography using sensors which point downwards.

Our leading drones will capture detailed plans and topographical surveys which give you complete confidence.  Using drones, you can generate 3D maps, 2D plans and comprehensive surveys which allow you to safely plan and account with on a variety of projects.

  • Drone surveys and UAV surveys are accurate and comprehensive – there is no better way to achieve full survey results and inspections from overhead
  • Drone survey services are cost-effective – they are affordable at the point of setup, and will deliver results which would otherwise demand extensive investment
  • Drone and UAV surveys allow you to access tricky or inaccessible areas of land on which you need to plan

Drones and UAVs may be used to survey land and buildings for the following purposes and needs:

  • To enable accurate land development and planning – such as road construction and public services
  • To monitor for slopes and precise data that advises on safety hazards – such as landslides – as well as potential blocks for land and building planning
  • To create accurate maps and plans of densely populated areas – for town and urban planning professionals who need to develop areas which are already widely occupied
  • For cartography – to help produce accurate maps and land surveys which are up to date and which are more reliable than outdated maps and guides

The cost of drone surveying services can differ depending on a number of specifics:

  • The location of your survey
  • The size of the property and location you need drone surveying and mapping for
  • The type of drone building survey you require – your type of premises can impact cost
  • How easy it is to access your property and land
  • How close your project is to built-up areas and points of public interest, such as transport terminals and stadiums

Drone surveys can produce maps and plans in a variety of deliverables.  Our drone surveying services can be flexible to your own software demands.  The files we can deliver may include:

  • DSM models in .xyz, .las, .laz and .tiff
  • 3D point cloud files in .xyz, .las, .laz and .ply
  • Orthomosaic mapping in .html, .tiff, .png, .jpg and .kml
  • Contour lining in .pdf, .dxf and .shp
  • 3D textured mesh in .obj, .pdf, .fbx, .ply and .dxf


As a responsible 3D laser scanning company, we are committed to safe scanning through all that we do. We are a licensed firm, authorised to operate and take on drone roof survey and UAV drone survey projects of varying complexities.

Roof surveying and drone surveying and mapping are the safest ways to capture aerial images in the modern age. Make sure to contact us for 3D laser scanning services from above and within your project areas.