Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR Services in London

Red Laser Scanning collects the information and location of subsurface features and surrounding infrastructures through our non-intrusive ground probing radar equipment and techniques. Our GPR surveys help provide precise depth estimates, identify any anomalies from below the surface, identify utilities and information from a variety of materials such as soil, concrete, brick and masonry.

Receive our accurate and reliable deliverables such as 2D AutoCAD drawings in DWG and PDF, where we provide the detailed spots of features, measurements and estimates of depth and thickness. Our 3D Laser Scanning services provide you with unlimited options, methods and solutions when completing a successful project, all which is cost-effective and extremely beneficial.

  • GPR Utility Locating and Mapping
  • Road, rail and tunnels
  • Soft or hard landscaping
  • Structural rebar mapping
Architect consult engineer on construction or building site
Complete Versatility

The deep ground penetrating radar shows the versatility and easy accessibility as it is capable of infiltrating the vast majority of materials when mapping infrastructures and subsurface features.

Precaution Methods

GPR technology and services will eliminate the risk of damage to the surrounding grounds and further unnecessary excavation as it locates buried utilities which have been installed underground.

Reliable Data

Our GPR utility location is exceptionally reliable and precise. With the use of electromagnetic waves and energy pulses into the ground, we can capture complex imagery of the subsurface.

Early detections

Receive instructive and valuable data to recognise the below information through ground probing radar quickly. Obtain as-built 2D Drawings along with this service to confirm the location of features.

Use our non-intrusive GPR equipment to receive complete underground data!

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GPR services use non-invasive and non-destructive testing methods, generating an electromagnetic signal which penetrates the subsurface and detects the anomalies and greater depth in the subsurface through high-frequency radio waves.

Ground Penetrating Radar can detect and identify non-metallic materials, whereas Radiodetection cannot. It allows the complete solution for a full underground survey service, locating greater depths of buried utilities through any material within site.

Ground Penetrating Radar is the complementary survey service for utility locating and underground detecting. It allows the location of plastic pipes and increases the depth estimated found, due to fast data collection through a variety of materials.