Heritage & Conservation Survey

Surveying Heritage Properties & Conservation Area in London

Our Measured Building survey and 3D Laser Scanning company give you all the necessary tools and expertise when scanning a heritage property and conservation site. Have confidence in the security and preservation of your heritage property through attentive historic building surveys and conservation surveys by Red Laser Scanning in London.

Our 3D laser scanning technology can identify discreet or unnoticed archaeological features, due to the high accuracy of the equipment and software our surveyors and technicians use. Identify complete features and details of the defined historic area and receive as-built 2D drawings and 3D models from historic surveys. Conservation surveys and heritage house surveys can help with:

  • Restoration of property
  • Archiving important data
  • Preserving fragile sites and buildings
  • Development planning and protection
Non-invasive Technology

Our heritage surveys are designed to keep your historic building and conservation area safe. We use non-invasive equipment on heritage sites to preserve and protect your site and project.

Cost-effective solution

Don’t risk hiring a regular measured survey with the consequence of destruction to your heritage and conservation site and increasing repair costs. Our service is dedicated to delivering heritage building surveys and restoration surveys securely.

Greater Understanding

Gain a broader understanding of the heritage building and site’s life cycle, distinguishing the modification of lost or unnoticed features, as well as archiving its historical factors through 2D drawings and 3D BIM models.

Reliable Data

The reliable results of our heritage and conservation survey will allow you to proceed with decision-making in heritage protection and provide you with accessible records in a hassle-free and straightforward procedure.

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Our 3D laser scanning technology can identify every feature of the heritage site and dictate all the details from conservation areas. Using 3D laser scanners, you can capture limitless information while retaining the delicate and historical features for research and archiving purposes. 3D laser scanning is the advanced and most reliable technology to better understand the site and document for protection purposes.

We have a selective range of 3D laser scanning equipment to accomplish your specified project. Our surveyors use the latest 3D laser scanners and total stations and GPS, depending on the specification and complexity of your heritage site and conservation area. The end product consists of accurate 3D point cloud, translating into 2D drawings 3D models for your data collection.

It is critical to carry out a survey to acquire information about the heritage resources and it’s lifecycle, notably if it lacks the protection and data of the historic building. A heritage survey is required before a review of the planning scheme and the local heritage register. Gain as-built 2D drawings to reflect complete information for future planning and archiving.

A historic building survey and heritage survey method consist of a guided structure by our 3D laser scanning company when preparing, investigating, collecting and reporting. We carry a detailed system to enter the site securely and use the required 3D Laser scanning equipment when completing the historical property survey. We process the data and register to create flawless deliverables.