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3D BIM Model of Debenhams

Red Laser Scanning: Future of Building Information Modelling

The future of BIM with innovative technology promises automation, efficiency, and sustainability. Get ready for revolutionary advancements in construction tech.

An engineer conducting a CCTV drainage survey

CCTV Drainage Surveys: Your Comprehensive Guide

Explore the importance of CCTV drainage surveys for different projects. Prevent costly issues and ensure property integrity with Red Laser insights.

Red Laser surveyor conducting underground survey using GPR

A Comprehensive Guide to PAS 128 Survey

Explore our expert approach to PAS 128 surveys: client-focused services, advanced technology, and professional team ready to tackle complex projects.

Measured survey using 3D laser scanner

Measured Surveys: All you need to know

Discover everything about measured surveys: Importance, process, applications, what are measured survey costs and who benefits from them.

BIM Services for MEP: close up of 3D Model of a boiler room

Maximising Project Success with BIM Services

Discover how BIM services enhance project efficiency, ensure accuracy, and foster collaboration in the AEC industry, leading to maximised project success.

Underground Ground Penetrating Radar survey

Ground Penetrating Radar Technology Explained

Delve into Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) tech: from principles to applications. Explore its depth, versatility, and real-world use with Red Laser services.

Red Laser surveyor with a GPR equipment in London

Underground Survey: In-Depth Guide 2024

Discover the essentials of underground survey in our 2024 guide. Methods, benefits, applications, and how it informs project planning and ensures safety

Royal Berkshire Hospital LOD3

Everything You Need to Know About Scan to BIM: Complete Guide 2024

Explore our 2024 guide on Scan to BIM: Uncover how 3D scanning and BIM transform construction with enhanced accuracy and collaboration.

Topographic Survey in Action_ Marking Natural Features in a Park Area

Topographic Surveys for Design and Construction Projects

Explore the benefits and applications of topographic surveys, and learn how they help avoid mistakes in construction and development projects.

Conducting topographical survey for environmental purposes

Topographical Survey: The Complete Guide for 2024

In guide, we deep into the world of topographical survey, discussing its definition, applications, methodologies, and the comprehensive services provided by the Red Laser team.

Topographical Surveyor Using Total Station

TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEYS: applications and benefits

Understand the role of topographical surveys across various sectors, including design, planning, construction and environmental management.

Monitoring Survey

What is the purpose of a Monitoring survey service?

Red Laser Scanning will help you understand the purpose of monitoring surveys for your projects in London and UK. Contact us for all your monitoring surveys!

BIM 3D Model  Basement plant room

3D Model Building Solutions: Enhanced by 3D Surveys

Discover how 3D surveys enhance diverse 3D model building solutions, revolutionising design, construction, and engineering projects with precision and innovation.

Floor Flatness Survey

Floor Flatness Survey: When to get it and why?

Red Laser Scanning team explains all you need to know about Floor Flatness Survey and how it can help the running of materials handling equipment in a building.

Measured surveys for rights of light

Understanding the Rights of Light Surveys

Discover the importance of Rights of Light Surveys, ensuring legal compliance, enhancing property value, and fostering sustainable design.


Underground utility survey: Methods and applications

Underground utility survey refers to the survey conducted to determine the type and location of utility infrastructure beneath the ground before work begins at a site

3D Laser Scanning Technology for Forensics and Investigations

Use 3D Laser Scanning Technology for Forensics and Investigations

Crime reconstruction can take a considerable amount of time because it is labour intensive and involves so many factors. Each stage needs to be done thoroughly as it is crucial in solving a crime.


Off-site construction, surveying and the impact of architecture

We strive to enhance productivity, save costs, and create effective solutions when dealing with construction and architecture.


Learn everything about our surveying historical buildings service

Our 3D laser scanning company now offers professional heritage and conservation survey services across the UK.



The world has changed so much over the last few years. Climate change, in particular, has been a longstanding issue and it continues to threaten the world with its damaging effects…



It is no doubt that 3D laser scanning has become an integral part of construction projects and build and design. The management and preparation of construction jobs…



3D Laser Scanning is a large and extremely influential method for all construction, architecture, design, and engineering professionals. It is a powerful and cost-effective…


How VR can enhance BIM within 3D Laser Scanning

It is no surprise how 3D BIM services bring extreme value and beneficial uses to architectural projects, construction projects, archaeological properties and so forth. Scan-to-BIM is increasingly…

IMG_5065 (4)

The industries which benefit for 3D laser scanning

Now more than ever, 3D laser scanning is increasingly used in many sectors and industries which we don’t initially think or correlate to its technology. The beauty and impact of 3D laser scanning…

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The advantages and capability of Total Station equipment

At Red Laser Scanning, we pride ourselves with using the lastest 3D Laser Scanning technology to offer the best solutions for our clients and professionals with their personalised project.


CCTV Drain Surveys: How to Reduce Future Problems and Damages in Construction Projects

Efficiency is always the name of the game when it comes to construction projects. This is why engineers take all the necessary steps in assessing sites before implementing as-built plans…

Surveyor equipment GPS system outdoors at highway construction site. Surveyor engineering with surveying equipement

Everything you need to know about setting out engineer services

3D Laser Scanning technology offers wondrous possibilities and uses within the construction and architectural project.



Our 3D Laser Scanning company is here to deliver accurate, reliable and precise 2D Drawings for residential and commercial purposes in London and all across the UK.



Our range of 3D Laser Scanning services continues to grow as we are providing more measured building surveys, even in the areas which are more restricted or difficult to access to.

picture of flying surveying drone

A complete guide to drone surveys in 3D Laser Scanning

Everyone is familiar with the term drones, and what they do in this time and age, if you’re not, a drone is technically an unmanned aerial vehicle which captures images by flying.



At Red Laser Scanning, we are familiar with the best software to use when delivering your 3D Laser Scanning services from measured building surveys to producing as-built 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Models.

3d laser scanning Faro focus (2)

What 3D Laser Scanners do we use for our services?

At Red Laser Scanning, we make sure to find well-known and trusted brands for our equipment, software and any added accessories needed to complete your architectural or construction project.


3D Laser Scanning: All About Point Cloud

If you live in a world of 3D Laser Scanning, then it is unquestionable you are familiar with the term Point Cloud. Red Laser Scanning provides everything you need to know about Point Cloud from what it is, how to work with Point Cloud, its benefits and purpose.

Laser Scanning Survey (5)

An Expert Guide on Our 3D Laser Scanning Services

To produce and provide products for our clients, our team undertakes measured building surveys using our 3D Laser Scanner the FARO X 130. We would consider this to be the primary stage in 3D Laser Scanning.

3d laser scanning for archiects and designers (2)

3D Laser scanning in the work of architects and designers

The world of architecture and design is always changing.  Thankfully, a number of huge technological strides are making things easier than ever before for many designers and architects!

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3D Laser Scanning For Construction Companies

No matter the project, constructors and contractors rely on absolute precision. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 3D laser scanning has started becoming very popular across the industry.

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Blueprint Drawings vs As-Built Drawings

Blueprints are set of proposed drawings and elevations produced at the time of construction or refurbishment of a building. These drawings were commonly used for over a century for the reproduction of specification drawings in construction and industry. However, there’s one big problem…

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

How do 3D Laser Scanners Work?

If you’ve never come across 3D laser scanning before, you may be surprised by how widely this technology is being used. 3D laser scanners are currently being used in medicine, crime, construction and many other industries.