How Red Laser Scanning Increases Measured Building Survey Services Nationwide

Introduction on Red Laser Scanning

Red Laser Scanning provides various services from measured building surveys, topographical surveys, valuable point cloud, production of as-built 2D drawings, 3D models and setting out engineers’ services. The company assures its clients of unmatchable accuracy and consistency in the provision of their desired deliverables.

How do we do this? Our expert surveyors and engineers will provide you with reliable as-built 2D drawings and 3D models as required using point cloud data obtained from a measured building survey.

Measured Building Survey & 3D Laser Scanning Services

Our Measured Building Survey & 3D Laser Scanning Services

Red Laser Scanning company is expanding into rapidly-growing U.K. markets, such as, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Liverpool regions, and more. Our professional team of surveyors from these areas will provide you with a full range of red laser scanning as well as measured building survey services. As a measured survey and 3D laser scanning specialist, our company offer a wide range of services, including measured surveys and topographical surveys, RoL modelling, site engineering, and underground utility mappings.

Red Laser Scanning has hugely invested in the latest Faro and Leica scanners, GNSS systems, total stations and underground tracing equipment. These latest survey equipment and technology, coupled with skilled surveyors and responsive management, enable Red Laser Scanning company to provide fast and efficient service with a wide range of deliverables. We have engaged in various projects, such as measured surveys of large commercial premises and warehouses, lands, heritage properties, farms, and many more. The expansion of Red Laser Scanning services into additional markets throughout the U.K. is something that will not surprise many of our previous clients. We have built a well-deserved reputation for efficient services that are completed swiftly and in a professional fashion, according to a client’s requirements.

Benefits of Measured Building Surveys

A measured building survey aims to provide accurate data that would help avoid costly mistakes in the course of a project construction. An accurate and a comprehensive survey will help reduce risks from unforeseen issues during the design and build stages. Some of the key benefits of our measured building survey include:

  • Accurate Results
    Red Laser Scanning uses robust surveying techniques; working to RICS standards to help maintain accuracy throughout the production of a measured building survey. Our measured surveys use advanced measuring and recording equipment, presenting a true representation of a building and its structures, with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Cost-effective Service
    Accurate measured surveys imply reduced errors, if any, in a construction project. This saves cost in the long run in ensuring any future plans are achievable without incurring additional unexpected costs as the project progresses. Whether we are producing 2D CAD drawings or 3D models, measured point cloud data allows us to produce accurate deliverables efficiently and affordably.
  • Honest Timeframes
    Before commencing your project, we will set out realistic timeframes showing the required time to complete and deliver your service. We can arrange a staggered approach to the delivery schedule if you have a priority element of your survey requirements, for instance delivering part of the building prior. Our time-frames are honest and flexible to suit your project needs.
  • Experienced and Professional Team
    Red Laser Scanning boasts of an experienced and professional team, delivering reliable measured survey services across London and UK. Through systemised processes, our surveyors and technicians will provide you with flexible and extensive survey services as required.

Our Measured Building Survey & 3D Laser Scanning Services

Our measured building surveyors will deliver accurate digital representation of buildings and structures in your requested format, and with the required level of detail. Receive deliverables as either 3D point cloud, scaled as-built 2D drawings, or 3D BIM Models to help you redevelop, plan, and design your construction project.

Why Choose Our Measured Building Surveys?

Red Laser Scanning is the leading name for measured building surveys and 3D laser scanning services across London and U.K. Our team of surveyors and architects work with leading tools from FARO AutoDesk to develop and process efficient plans and models for our clients. Choose Red Laser Scanning for raw data, 3D modelling and highly accurate scaled as-built 2D drawings from a reliable measured building survey company; delivered according to your specified format, i.e., RCS or E57. Many years of experience in measured building surveys and laser scanning enable us deliver efficient and trustworthy deliverables with your required level of detail.

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    About Red Laser Scanning

    Red Laser Scanning specialises in 3D Laser Scanning services for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors all across UK. Our experienced team is here to deliver a quality service which is quick, efficient and reliable for your project needs.

    Case Studies
Red Laser Scanning, a laser scanner survey was commissioned to meticulously document the students' accommodation within this historic edifice, producing architectural CAD drawings at a scale of 1:50
    Measured Building Survey of The Iconic Trinity College Clock Building in Cambridge
By combining the detailed drawings at a scale of 1:20 with High-Resolution Orthophotos, we achieved an accurate representation of the exposed stonework, textured with a rectified photo collage.
    Measured Building Survey for Restoration of the Paradise Court, University of Chichester
Our measured building survey company completes measured building survey service for river view apartments for architectural elevations in London.
    Measured building survey to produce Architectural elevations for re-cladding purposes