Roof Surveys

Roof Survey

Need a thorough roof inspection and complete survey to examine the condition of your roof? Our roof surveyors conduct a thorough and secure inspection for any residential or commercial building project required. Receive a detailed assessment from your flat roof survey or slate roof inspection with a 3D Laser Scanning company. We use high-quality drone equipment, with picture capturing technology and thermal imaging cameras for an immaculate result.

Track, monitor and locate any problems of your roof structure with our drone roof survey service. Reduce loss of time and costs and avoid the risk of any unfortunate scenarios without the correct inspection and examination. Red Laser Scanning will deliver exceptional point cloud, including as-built 2D drawing reports for your safety of mind. Our roof plans can identify any structural damage, such as:

  • Water damage and leakage
  • External roof sagging
  • Damaged tiles and dark streaks
  • Flashing
Saving securely

A simple roof and gutter inspection will spot any problem areas early on to avoid spending a fortune repairing when it is too late. Our surveyors offer the best solution for your project securely.

Exceptional Equipment

Our drone roof survey is conducted using reliable instruments and techniques to ensure complete accuracy is provided. We access even the most limited areas and eliminate any manual labour.

Fast & Efficient

Our certified roof inspector will deliver prompt and efficient services to identify any hail damage and roof damage immediately, so you may resolve and repair before it’s too late.

Reliable reports

Using leading equipment and software, you are guaranteed to receive a reliable and detailed roof inspection report for your building project on each section of the roof and its structure.

Our roof inspection survey services will create high-quality and reliable inspection reports, for any residential and commercial building difficult to reach.

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Red Laser Scanning guarantees exceptional deliverables from our roof inspection survey service, using our drone and UAV Equipment to capture high-quality images from any building and any locations truly, no matter the restrictions. Receive a successfully non-intrusive solution for any residential or commercial premises in London.

Our certified roof inspectors will complete your flat roof survey or you slate roof inspection using latest 3D Laser Scanning technology such as UAV equipment, capturing complete information of all structural roof features. We register point cloud and produce high-quality reports and as-built 2D plans for your ownership and distribution between colleagues and those involved.

Our roof inspection services will be extremely beneficial for any commercial or residential property to check for any existing structural damages, or potential future hazards if not examined thoroughly. Check for any damaged tiles, algae, moss and mould, flashing, sagging roof, dark streaks and water leakages in any flat roof or slanted roof.

A drone roof survey is beneficial from its roof inspection price to its ability to capture information from inaccessible areas and buildings in London. We introduce a non-intrusive and secure solution which is highly accurate and effective as you do not need to examine the roof, reducing the risk of danger physically.