Our experienced team provides you with complete solutions and services with the utmost reliability, accuracy and efficiency in London and across the UK. Red Laser Scanning provides site engineering and setting out services to all projects, no matter the complexity and scale of the site. Our leading Measured Survey and 3D Laser Scanning company in London can work with CAD 2D drawings to set out for a variety of construction projects promptly and efficiently.

Once survey data is captured, and results are provided in layout plans and as-built 2D Drawings, we use technology and high standard instruments to mark and position structural features accurately prior to construction works. Our Setting Out engineers eliminate errors and inaccuracies with the following services:

  • Site Engineering
  • Setting Out
  • Levelling
  • Site Control


High-quality Technology

Our survey equipment will provide exceptional setting out engineer services as we use GPS technology, digital levelling equipment and Total Station to eliminate all errors when measuring. A foolproof and trustworthy solution to locate new features.

Positional Accuracy

A service aimed to detect measurement errors and provide complete assurance with accurate and reliable results when positioning structure and features. This may include foundations, levels and height transfer, piles, ground beams, steel positions etc.

Save Money

Site engineering and setting out services in land surveying will lower the risk of dimensional mistakes and positioning, thus reducing costs and time loss for construction rework, revisiting sites and any adjustments in the future.

Trustworthy Results

Our 3D Laser Scanning and measured survey company are highly skilled and have extensive experience to provide setting out engineer services to even the largest scale sites and projects with complete validity. Proceed your construction project with confidence using our services.

We are here to provide you with a fantastic experience and hassle-free solution to complete your construction works.

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Setting out Engineer services provides the location and marking of columns, pile positions or site boundary levels following layout plans or construction 2D drawings provided. It provides a clear and accurate marked structure which can be built accurately, with no risk of error, due to the setting out.

Setting out engineer services are ideal for new builds, tower blocks and foundations. Our surveyors work on everything from stud walls, brickwork, cladding, columns, drainage layouts and gridlines, ensuring dimensional accuracy and reliable measurements from survey data is applied on site.

Our experienced surveyors are highly skilled in setting out and site controlling, providing a quality and secure service with no hassle or mistakes. We arrive on-site fully equipped with the specified instruments for the completion of your project, and establish the positions to millimetre accuracy from data provided by the survey.

Our 3D Laser scanning company provides high-accuracy positions and measurements of infrastructures and new building features using Total Station, GPS and digital levelling instruments. Our professional surveyors have extensive experience to carry out strict and accurate measures on-site.