Underground Survey

Underground Utility Services in London

Obtain underground data and information using our utility surveying services and underground mapping techniques. Our 3D Laser Scanning company identifies and indicates critical features from below the surface to provide with useful point cloud survey data and as-built 2D AutoCAD Drawings with the required level of detail. Underground surveys can consist of drainage investigating, and the detecting cables, water pipes and gas mains. The purpose is for the client to obtain essential information when planning and executing their construction project.

Our underground utility survey team uses the latest and powerful technology such as GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and EML (Electro-Magnetic Locators to analyse the buried structures and features of your required site. Our underground utility mapping will ease the completion of your construction project, providing complete assurance and confidence with planning.

  • Underground Utility Services
  • Road Surveys
  • Drainage Investigation
  • Sewer Survey
Minimising Risks

Minimise all risks or future errors and inconvenient hassle by detecting what’s below with underground utility mapping. Avoid delays in construction with this reliable alternative.

Health & Safety

Meet and comply with all health and safety regulations for complete confidence when carrying on with construction works. Identify any hazard precautions and inconveniences early on.

Effective Results

Our reliable equipment and surveyors guarantee authentic, foolproof results when detecting any sensitive information and objects, avoiding any physical damage to gas, electricity and cables.

Accurate Data

Complete an underground utility survey service for precise as-built 2D Drawings. We deliver accurate, tangible information for your use when completing a successful construction project.

Identifying the features from below the surface, is just as important!

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Underground utility surveys focus on the construction of tunnels and many other underground utilities when completing land buildings and utilities. This non-intrusive survey minimises the disruption and exposure to buried hazards, while accurately recording underground utility features and locations.

Avoid excessive excavation and the modification of grounds and sites, as our experienced surveyors use the highest-quality 3D Laser scanning equipment such as radio detection, and their expertise to identify the subsurface environment and features when underground mapping.

Our 3D Laser scanning and measured survey company help identify and document everything you may need for a construction project. The production of as-built 2D Drawings from underground utility surveying will distinguish plastic pipes, metallic pipes, drainage systems, electric cables and gas mains.

The data obtained by underground services surveys will reduce the risk of unnecessary and expensive excavations, avoiding delay on the construction project as you identify the safe and secure areas. Establish the correct markings and proposed routes as we detect utilities in advance.