Measured Survey Blackpool’s Iconic Landmark, The Blackpool Tower

Location: Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Lancashire


  • Complete laser scanning survey
  • 3D Point cloud in colour

Project description:

Red Laser Scanning completes a laser scanning survey for Blackpool Tower in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, to document and progress the removal of steel plates in the lift shaft.

Our surveyors handled the task of conducting a point cloud survey to achieve data, specifically for the lift shaft structure, internal and external. This was achieved by completing the 3D scan from the staircase, roofs and top of the lift car. The goal was to achieve detailed and accurate point cloud data in colour for the client to assess via Webshare Cloud Viewer and work on altering the lift structure and shaft. Red Laser Scanning handled this challenging project, and delivered accurate 3D point cloud.

This historical landmark is treasured by many; that is why we provide high-quality services such as heritage surveying and know the best procedures to conduct quality surveying for these projects.

Orthophoto of complete tower structure

Site Image of Blackpool Tower

The importance and key to survey safety

  • We provide fast, reliable, and comprehensive solutions when capturing the actual conditions of the building and other complex structures.
  • The data is captured by almost 1,000,000 points per second for the highest efficiency. We recognise the importance of efficiency for all laser scanning projects, ensuring that all information is captured to proceed smoothly.
  • The equipment is non-invasive, cost-effective and time-saving. It is beneficial for heritage sites such as the Blackpool Tower, and with its unmatchable complexity of captured 3D information is the most efficient service.
  • You will obtain a reliable and complete 3D point cloud base to use for the production of highly accurate 2D elevations, sections, and 3D models.
  • Gain access to Webshare Cloud and travel through the point cloud survey in the exact positions of the scanner at the time of works.

As a laser scanning company, we review, assess and ensure the highest safety when completing scanning jobs to this stature. Prior to our point cloud survey, we evaluated the site to eliminate the risks and provide a swift, smooth turnaround when scanning, gathering what equipment is sufficient and necessary. Our surveying team ensured to wear full-body harnesses with lanyards clipped to the perimeter railing whilst working on top of the lift car. Our experts also clipped the lanyard to the safety line when using the staircase and working on landing.

Complete 3D point cloud of Tower

Why use point cloud surveying?

  •  Capture every angle and feature of the excavation site, including the historical remains such as the walls and documenting the stability and structure of the stones through laser scanning surveying and photogrammetry.
  • Obtain thorough information of the archaeological excavation for the purpose of examining its morphology and working process, which requires a lot of attention and knowledge of the area.
  • Produce 3D point cloud in colour and detailed 2D Elevations and sections using AutoCAD software at a scale of 1:50. 2D elevations demonstrate the comprehensive formation of stones from historical walls.

Our laser scanning company has completed many historical and large-scale projects across London, the UK and Europe, including the Archaeological Faul Valley, the Cranes in Britannia Village and more mentioned within our case studies. Trust our excellent services to complete high-quality 3D point cloud to produce as-built 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Models.

Internal 3D Point Cloud Survey in colour

Internal 3D Point Cloud Survey in colour

Tower Point Cloud in Colour

Colour Point Cloud Detail





Point clouds/ DWG / Revit


Pre-construction / as-built surveys and Virtual Design and Construction


Quality control during construction

Dr.Thomas Glone
We hired Red Laser Scanning when we were redeveloping the property. The time frame for job completion was within a week and they did an excellent job. The pricing was clear, detailed, and paid for exactly what I needed.
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I normally never write reviews, but red laser scanning did a fantasic job. We hired the company for laser scanning used in surveying and they responded immeditaly and had a helpful team. If you want a job done efficient this is the company to work with
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Thank you for your hard work! such a pleasure to work with you!
Great firm who go the extra mile to meet customer requirements and deadlines with superior output! Highly recommended.
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I have never seen a laser scanning service more efficient and easy-going such as Red Laser Scanning. Scanned was made the same week I received the quote and the drawings were here 3 days later. Very good company who deliver quick but quality results.
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We hired red laser for our building site and needed a measured survey. The team were really professional and friendly. I have hired a few companies in the past for a measured survey and found these guys not only did an excellent job but we also got our plans delivered back to us within days. Thanks!
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We have asked Red Laser Scanning to do our floor plans and point cloud for our planning application. Very professional service and Dimitri was very friendly when he came to do the survey. Also competitive pricing. Would recommend!
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Very good service! I was looking for a company which can do measured survey for my house in order to obtain planning permission. My architect quoted me twice more for existing plans. I came across Red Laser Scanning and booked the survey for the next day and received drawings three days after. Highly recommended!
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